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This repository contains the code for CMPE202 Fall 2016 team project.

![alt text] ( "Cover Page")


The team took an activity (Bubble Sort) from and created a game based on it, to help teach students from non-cs background understand basic computer science concepts.


  • You start off as an agent of a top secret organization with its aim in saving the world from annihilation. You must save the world from doom while the world sleeps sweetly.

  • This time, its Coffee. An alien race, code-named "TARS" has set its eyes on Earth's own elixir - it's large and varied reserve of coffee. It's upto you to save mankind and its productivity or else humanity is doomed for certain.

  • Are you up for this challenge? Save the earth and do it as early as possible to get featured in the organization's hall of fame and be remembered for eternity. Go head to head with an alien in the multiplayer mode and see how you fare.

  • Completed the game? Test your agent skills for a special easter egg and find more information about TARS and where they come from.

How To Play

  • Start of by signing on to your mission with your code name. Click find a game, and you will be matched with another player to compete against.

  • Use your special weighing machine tool to help you see which object are heavier.

  • Put objects on the scale and it will show you which one is heavier, and swap its position if required.

  • The objects need to be placed from lightest to heaviest starting from left, and ending towards right.

  • Fight for the leaderboard position with players across the world.

Team Name:


Team Members:

Karan Shah

Maitray Shah

Parth Upadhyay

Salmaan Pehlari

Shrey Bhatt