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Ebay - MEAN, RabbitMQ
Ebay - Node.js, AngularJS, MySQL

Ebay Prototype Application

This repository contains code of Ebay Prototype Application. It was part of the course requirements of CMPE273.


  • The repository contains two applications built using different technology stacks.

  • The application is a fully functional prototype of the ebay website. A user can sign up, search for items, become a seller, buy/sell items. User also has the option to bid on an item if a host has the option enabled.

  • The application also has several validations to make sure there are no unexpected inputs by the user.

  • The application has also been load tested using JMeter upto 100 requests by 1000 concurrent users. It also has unit testing written in Mocha.js .

  • The first application is built using:

Node.js - Webserver

AngularJS - Frontend

MySQL - Database

  • The second application is built using:

Node.js - Webserver

MongoDB (Mongoose) - Database

RabbitMQ - Messaging Queue

AngularJS - Frontend