Reddit bot for summarizing posted links and providing relevant links.
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Reddit bot which summarizes link containing news articles on /r/india subreddit.

Uses two summarizing libraries



Uses Newspaper for scraping content.

Thanks to sr33 for relevant news links idea and implementation

Find the bot on reddit here


The main files are, and, ignore the rest, they are either config files for heroku or files for testing.


Help me in identifying websites which break the bot which provide summaries like "Javascript is not enabled" or "Email not sent" or other such messages.

Fork, edit the blacklist file by appending domain name (you can check this by reading what's written next to the reddit title in brackets) to it and send a pull request!



Currently working on the following subreddits:

  • india
  • TILinIndia
  • willis7737_news
  • freesoftware
  • parabola
  • libreboot
  • mumbai
  • UpliftingKhabre

Bot is currently offline. Pull Requests appreciated!

  • TODO:
    • Fix duplicate comment bug
    • Update to latest version PRAW
    • Replace goose with newspaper to aggregate content.