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Misc: Added some missed names to the THANKS file. If I missed anyone …

…else, *PLEASE* feel free to reply to this commit -- we like to make sure _everyone_ is acknowledged.
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1 parent f75e924 commit 314861fafe0f920691e7933a8a8f81f61499c537 runningnak3d committed Mar 22, 2011
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@@ -72,4 +72,5 @@ svannon, jurkovic.nikola, Willian Krueger, BioHazard, Ille000, Erocoloco,
terrorbringer, antihrists, Havenard, scarymovie87, D3VIL, FaTe753, PrinceCreed,
spgm, Dakeyras, sombre88, 19Maxx83, moriquendu, Ille, breakerfly,
zthoreen, clement.roussel, p.alexej, Ceris, Nayre, Kiper, announce, thmarth,
-Ner'zhul, DarkXuan, leak, linencloth, SnakeIce, Supabad, Tome
+Ner'zhul, DarkXuan, leak, linencloth, SnakeIce, Supabad, Tome, Nay, Kaelima,

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