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aws2js contributors, in order of first contribution

  • Dan Tillberg - deprecation of in favor of query.request().
  • Andrew Paulin - sqs.setQueue() helper.
  • Dave Cleal
    • client loader creates a new object on invocation.
    • passing HTTP options to the client loader.
    • attached a parsed XML document when the connection is prematurely closed.
    • don't error on close with status code 204
  • Carlos Guerreiro - the query argument for the s3.get() method.
  • Nikita - global variable leak fix.
  • AYUkawa,Yasuyuk - enabled the multiregion support for DynamoDB.
  • ske - corrected URL module's alias from 'url' to 'u'.
  • Joe Roberts - global variables leak fix.
  • sauvainr - 307 Redirection host overwritten error.
  • Thomas Bruyelle - The S3 lifecycle management API.
  • Dan Ordille - fixes a double callback calling for the DynamoDB client.
  • ubert - s3.copyObject().
  • Jacky Jiang - enabled the ?delete S3 subresource.
  • Alon Burg - reverted the usage of Stream.pipe() for the Stream Request Body Handler.
  • Matt Monson - fixed the inconsistent use of the default 'utf8' encoding for the String Request Body Handler of the s3.put() method.
  • Stephen Lynn - removed the npm purging code that breaks npm rebuild on environments like Heroku.
  • Dan Ordille - fixed the broken header signing for DynamoDB when the request body contains UTF-8 chars.
  • Stephen Veit - fixed the S3 bucket fail when specifying us-east-1
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