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This is a XML to JavaScript object parser. It uses the libxmljs module for the actual XML parsing. It aims to be an easy xml2js replacement, but it doesn't follow the xml2js API. I used xml2js for my own needs, but the error reporting of the underlying SAX parser is quite broken. This is how libxml-to-js saw the day light.

libxml-to-js uses the string parser method of libxmljs. Basically a modified version of the algorithm from here in order to fit the formal specifications of xml2js output.


Either manually clone this repository into your node_modules directory, or the recommended method:

npm install libxml-to-js

Usage mode

var parser = require('libxml-to-js');
var xml = 'xml string';

parser(xml, function (error, result) {
    if (error) {
    } else {

Known issues

  • The namespace attribute isn't translated to the JavaScript object as the libxmljs treats it different from the sax-js parser. The sax-js simply places it as a simple attribute.
  • The behavior for nodes that use namespaces is untested vs. the output of xml2js.
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