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  • Deprecated the usage of mime.fileWrapper(). Calling mime() directly is preferred - #7.
  • jslint compliant.


  • Uses different installation mode for the file(1) utility. Under restrictive environments, such as Heroku, the library may use the system installed libmagic database which is not forward compatible.


  • Updates the bundled file(1) version to 5.11.
  • Support for passing an array of paths with the callback getting an array of MIME types - #3.


  • The make.js wrapper outputs the whole process after file(1) installation.


  • Updates the bundled file(1) version to 5.10.
  • Windows support.


  • Merges the changes from #1: couldn't use fileWrapper more than once unless restarted server.


  • Updates the bundled file(1) version to 5.09.
  • Uses child_process.execFile() instead of child_process.exec(). Besides avoiding spawning a new shell, the current approach also avoids path escaping issues and command injections.


  • Updates the bundled file(1) version to 5.08. This version adds application/zip detection among others.
  • Updates the build tool to rebuild file(1) if the expected version is different than the installed version.


  • Includes the file(1) (v5.07) source tree along with a build script which was made to work on Ubuntu / OS X. The wrapper uses this file version along with the appropriate magic database.


  • Updated the error detection code. Some file 4.x/5.x versions used to send the error message via STDOUT. The recent versions fix this behavior by sending the error message via STDERR. mime-magic error reporting is compatible with both.


  • Initial release featuring a simple file(1) wrapper.
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