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@@ -66,10 +66,21 @@ mime.fileWrapper('C:/path/to/foo.pdf', function (err, type) {
Passing relative paths is supported. The fileWrapper uses child_process.execFile() behind the scenes, therefore the err argument contains the information returned by the execFile() method itself plus the error message returned by file(1).
-## Notice
+## Notices
The module was developed under Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows 7. It was tested under OS X Snow Leopard and FreeBSD 8.2. Other platforms may be supported, but the behavior is untested.
+The Windows binaries are built by myself under Windows 7 / MinGW + MSYS. The binaries are packed with the [UPX]( tool in order to make them smaller.
+Here's the analysis:
+ * [file.exe]( (unpacked)
+ * [file.exe]( (packed)
+ * [libmagic-1.dll]( (packed)
+ * [libgnurx-0.dll]( (packed)
+Please notice that for the unpacked binary there are a couple of false positives, while for the packed binary, there are four of them.
## Contributors
* [Felix Chan]( - [#1]( couldn't use fileWrapper more than once unless restarted server

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