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Proper MIME type detection library for node.js that wraps the libmagic functionality
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MIME type detection library for node.js. Unlike the existing mime module, mime-magic does not return the type by interpreting the file extension. Instead it uses the libmagic(3) library that does it properly.

Currently it provides just a simple file(1) wrapper to get the things moving, but in the long run, the purpose of this module is to provide proper node.js libmagic bindings. The file(1) source tree is provided along with this package. It is built during the installation process. The module aims to use the latest available file version along with the up-to-date magic database.


Either manually clone this repository into your node_modules directory, run make build, or the recommended method:

npm install mime-magic

Usage mode

var mime = require('mime-magic');

mime.fileWrapper('/path/to/foo.pdf', function (err, type) {
    if (err) {
        console.error(err.message); // ERROR: cannot open `/path/to/foo.pdf' (No such file or directory)
    } else {
        console.log('Detected mime type: %s', type); // application/pdf

Passing relative paths is supported. The fileWrapper uses child_process.exec behind the scenes, therefore the err argument contains the information returned by the exec method itself plus the error message returned by file(1).


The module was developed under Ubuntu 10.04. It was tested under OS X Snow Leopard and FreeBSD 8.2. Other platforms may be supported, but the behavior is untested.

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