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About still maintained

My every day sysadmin tools. Besides playing with cool technologies, the sysadmin work has a fair share of repetitive work. The rule of thumb is: if you have to make it twice, write a script. Therefore, I got a pretty large collection that I'm going to release after some cleaning up, documenting the essential parts, etc.

The structure

  • /single - contains scripts that contain all the provided functionality into a single file.
  • /suites - contains multiple scripts that are targeted to specific tasks or technologies.

The contents

Single file scripts:

  • - creates a swap partition inside a flat file


  • svn-migrate - does the heavy lifting for migrating a bunch of SVN repositories from an old server to a new server.
  • aws-tools - various tools for using with Amazon Web Services.
  • - the Ubuntu EC2 images drag some fat with them. This scripts strips down all the useless services in order to obtain a true JeOS (Just enough OS) as the basic building block.
  • - script for purging the old versions of unused kernels. For Ubuntu on EC2.
  • ebs-auto-snapshot.js - takes care of the automatic snapshot of all the 'in-use' EC2 EBS volumes from a specified region. Multiple regions can be specified. Rotates the snapshots at a predefined value, so the number of snapshots per volume never goes over that limit.
  • ebs-cleanup.js - deletes the orphaned EBS snapshots. It automatically ignores the snapshots in use by EBS-based AMIs and existing volumes, therefore it won't conflict with ebs-auto-snapshot.js since that tool already features snapshot rotation.
  • rds-auto-snapshot.js - takes care of the automatic snapshot of the RDS instances. The same way as ebs-auto-snapshot.js does for the EBS volumes.