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Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt

This application will be developed to create a social application to allow end users to communicate through 3D environments with each other. Using global positioning, one will be able to share local environments that have been augmented with a variety of pre-defined models. The pre-defined models will be changed and updated frequently, perhaps with holidays, geolocation information, events, etc. The application will create a virtual treasure hunt using the following two modes...

I will be including the code to many of the core functions of the application.

Create Mode

Using a smartphone’s built in camera, a user will be able to capture an area (such as a table, desk, etc.) and add new objects to the area. For example, a user may take a picture of a desk in a classroom, add a dancing clown to it, and share it online. Upon sharing, the user will be able to add hints and clues as to where the object is. When uploading, the GPS coordinates from the phone will be shared to allow other users to find the scene.

Hunt Mode

Users in hunt mode will be able to see all of the uploaded scenes in their area (expandable to many miles around them). A list of all locations, as well as the hints, will be presented to them. Once the user believes they find the scene, they may simply select the scene they found on an easy-to- use GUI, point the smartphone camera towards the scene, and watch it come alive. For example, if the user was in the classroom that the dancing clown was added to the desk, suddenly a dancing clown will appear.

Software Used

  • Unity3D 5, 64-bit
  • Qualcomm Vuforia
  • LAMP Stack Web Server
  • MiniJSON Library for Unity3D


Unity3D Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt



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