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Super Sad Googles

by Emily Saltz for Winter 2019 Code Societies @ The School For Poetic Computation published at:

Super Sad Googles is an autocomplete search platform populated only with users’ saddest, weirdest, most disturbed searches. The goal of searching Super Sad Googles is not to find an answer, but to find (advertisement-free!) solace in the queries of fellow weirdos.

Sources of Autocomplete Items:

  1. Anonymous queries used with permission from a Google Form:

  2. Ad hoc scraping of Google's autocomplete for specific keystrokes

  3. Reddit & Quora


Learn how to search and submit your own sad google to be included anonymously:

Autocomplete Code:

Autocomplete base from Trevor Raye's Demonstration of a fully accessible autocomplete/search component in vanilla JavaScript. Based on the WAI-ARIA authoring practices 1.1:

The autocomplete currently uses a simple matching algorithm.

Thx <3

Big thanks to all of the teachers and students at SFPC, and to all those who contributed their sad googles!

Special thanks:

– Melanie Hoff, for giving me confidence to spam the crowds for their googles + ever thoughtful support & feedback

– Nabil Hassein, for helping get this thing online!

– Everest Pipkin, for helping me do a mini-scrape of Google’s saddest autocomplete entries in the final hours


If you have questions or concerns about any of the content on this page, you can contact me at