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z88dk ZCC PC-6002 Compiler Front-end

This is a Tkinter Python-based UI front-end for z88dk ZCC compiler for PC-60 platform.

COMPILE60 requires the following to work:

  1. Python 2.7 installed and configured
  2. Create environment variable "ZCCCFG" and set its value to this config path in z88dk: "z88dk/lib/config"
  3. Add path to z88dk binary folder in your PATH environment variable: "z88dk/bin"

If everything is there, just double click to start the front-end.

compile60 window

COMPILE60 will also generate a .vscode folder and tasks.json configuration file to build C code from within vscode. Use shortcut Ctrl+Shift+B and select the BASIC mode you would like to use to build the current open C file (this method cannot build multiple C files together, use the front-end for that).

COMPILE60 will try to provide useful information in case of failure.

The output of COMPILE60 build process:

  1. A .bin file with the compiled z80 hexadecimal code
  2. A .cas file ready to be loaded in the PC-6001 emulator tape drive

To load and run a compiled program using a PC-6001 emulator:

  • Insert Tape file (.cas) in emulator
  • Go to correct BASIC mode and page (by default: Mode 5, Page 3)
  • Type: cload
  • Once initial code is loaded, type: run to start loading the actual program then executing it

Support for outputing binaries directly to a virtual floppy disk is planned.

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