converter for html docs in the MSDN format to a word document with almost the same styling!
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Html to Word Document Converter

This is a simple program written in C# using NUnit with Test-Driven-Approach!

All it does is getting an html file generated by a tool in the format of MSDN as input and create an equivalent word document with almost the same styling for it!

Note: There are some references to some pictures in the code (almost hard-coded) which of course is not gonna work on your local machine! The better way would be to embed those resources in the project! But this was for local using purposes and I wrote it for one of my friends to do something with it! You can change it if you want! But the main purpose of this is seeing the Single Responsibility Principle, Having one method for each task, isolated unit tests for them and other practices and principles for having a high quality and clean code (which of course can be cleaner like any other code) in a little different kind of code!