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#import "AllTests.h"
#import "CDPathUnitTest.h"
#import "CDTypeLexerUnitTest.h"
#import "CDTypeParserUnitTest.h"
#import "CDTypeFormatterUnitTest.h"
#import "CDStructHandlingUnitTest.h"
@interface NSObject (SenTestRuntimeUtilities)
- (NSArray *) senAllSubclasses;
- (NSArray *) senInstanceInvocations;
- (NSArray *) senAllInstanceInvocations;
@implementation AllTests
// This is here to help me understand what the original method does. Formatting/naming is key to understanding.
+ (void)_foo_updateCache;
NSEnumerator *testCaseEnumerator;
id testCaseClass = nil;
testCaseEnumerator = [[SenTestCase senAllSubclasses] objectEnumerator];
testCaseClass = [testCaseEnumerator nextObject];
while (testCaseClass != nil) {
NSString *path;
SenTestSuite *suite;
NSLog(@"%s, testCaseClass: %@[%@]", __cmd, testCaseClass, NSStringFromClass(testCaseClass));
NSLog(@"%s, self: %p, testCaseClass: %p", __cmd, self, testCaseClass);
if (testCaseClass != self) {
NSLog(@"default test suite: %@", [testCaseClass defaultTestSuite]);
#if 0
path = [[testCase bundle] bundlePath];
suite = [suiteForBundleCache objectForKey:path];
if (suite == nil) {
suite = [self emptyTestSuiteNamedFromPath:path];
[suiteForBundleCache setObject:suite forKey:path];
[suite addTest:[testCase defaultTestSuite]];
testCaseClass = [testCaseEnumerator nextObject];
+ (id)defaultTestSuite;
SenTestSuite *allTests, *orderedTests, *unorderedTests;
NSMutableArray *order;
unsigned int count, index;
order = [NSMutableArray array];
[order addObject:[CDPathUnitTest class]];
[order addObject:[CDTypeLexerUnitTest class]];
[order addObject:[CDTypeParserUnitTest class]];
//[order addObject:[CDTypeFormatterUnitTest class]];
[order addObject:[CDStructHandlingUnitTest class]];
[order addObject:[CDTypeFormatterUnitTest class]];
NSLog(@"order: %@", order);
allTests = [SenTestSuite testSuiteWithName:@"All Tests"];
orderedTests = [SenTestSuite testSuiteWithName:@"Order"];
unorderedTests = [SenTestSuite testSuiteWithName:@"Chaos"];
[allTests addTest:orderedTests];
[allTests addTest:unorderedTests];
// First, set up the tests we want run in a particular order
count = [order count];
for (index = 0; index < count; index++)
[orderedTests addTest:[SenTestSuite testSuiteForTestCaseClass:[order objectAtIndex:index]]];
// Then search for any tests that we didn't get from the manual setup above
NSMutableSet *used = [NSMutableSet set];
NSArray *allTestCaseSubclasses;
[used addObjectsFromArray:order];
[used addObject:self];
[used addObject:[SenInterfaceTestCase class]]; // Dunno why it's picking this up, skip it.
allTestCaseSubclasses = [SenTestCase senAllSubclasses];
count = [allTestCaseSubclasses count];
for (index = 0; index < count; index++) {
id aClass;
aClass = [allTestCaseSubclasses objectAtIndex:index];
if ([used containsObject:aClass] == NO) {
//[unorderedTests addTest:[SenTestSuite testSuiteForTestCaseClass:aClass]];
[unorderedTests addTest:[aClass defaultTestSuite]];
[used addObject:aClass];
return allTests;