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inform-mode: an Emacs major mode for editing Inform 6 source code.


inform-mode supports the usual program mode functions: automatic
indentation, moving over expressions, comment and string filling, font
locking, tags-file support, starting compiles and parsing errors. You
can also run a z-code interpreter against the compiled code.

It should work on GNU Emacs (v22+) or XEmacs (v21.4+) on any supported

See the NEWS file for details of recent changes.

Installing inform-mode

See the INSTALL file for notes on installing inform-mode.

Using inform-mode

After installation, inform-mode will be activated for any files ending
in .inf (and optionally .h) when you visit them using Emacs. Type 'C-h
m' to view the documentation for the mode. Variables governing
inform-mode can be customized; type 'M-x customize' and navigate to
Programming / Languages / inform-mode.


inform-mode is free software, released under the GNU General Public
License version 3 (or later). See COPYING for further details of the

Latest version

The latest stable release of inform-mode can be found at the website

Seee or subscribe to
the Atom feed at to get
details of the latest version.

inform-mode can be donwloaded via the Marmalade package system in Emacs;

It is also available via anonymous FTP at

Bug reports and development

Any bugs reports, patches, feature suggestions or other feedback would
be welcomed. Please email

Development versions can be obtained via the git repository

git clone

Or via github:

The 'master' branch tracks the released version; 'testing' contains the
latest development version but may not be stable.


Rupert Lane is the current maintainer of inform-mode. inform-mode was
originally written by Gareth Rees and was previously maintained by
Michael Fessler. Many people have helped with the development and
testing of inform-mode; see the AUTHORS file for full details.

# Local Variables:
# mode: text
# fill-column: 72
# End:
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