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2009-12-26 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* configure:
regen to get new macros, as well as to use autoconf-252 (patched)
* aclocal.m4: resync with my-autoconf (many changes)
* drop, just use mkdir -p
* control.c, tack.c, sysdep.c, sync.c: strict gcc warnings
* init.c: check if baudrate() returns ERR, use 1 if so.
* fun.c, edit.c, pad.c, scan.c, charset.c: strict gcc warnings
* tack.h: bump to 1.07
* HISTORY: reason for release
* ansi.c, output.c, menu.c: strict gcc warnings
* edit.c:
fix an incorrect malloc-size in show_report(), which could cause core-dump
when displaying long list of function-keys, e.g., for xterm-new
2009-11-19 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* config.guess, config.sub: update to 2009-11-20
2007-08-12 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* edit.c:
as of 2007/8/12, ncurses no longer exports the data _nc_info_hash_table.
Instead, use the function _nc_get_hash_table(), which is in ncurses 5.0
2007-08-11 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
tweak to build with latest ncurses (does not rely on new api's)
2007-04-29 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* HISTORY, tack.h: mark 1.05
* configure: regen'd
* update LIB_LINK symbol to match CF_WITH_LIBTOOL change
* tack.h: use SIG_ATOMIC_T
* sysdep.c:
move include of <signal.h> to tack.h so SIG_ATOMIC_T definition works.
* output.c: add braces for readability
* tack.h: trim whitespace
* scan.c, init.c: use EXIT_FAILURE/EXIT_SUCCESS
*, aclocal.m4: add CF_SIG_ATOMIC_T
* control.c: use SIG_ATOMIC_T
update $(LINK) to work with ncurses after importing CF_WITH_LIBTOOL change
that moved $(CC) into $(LIBTOOL_LINK) symbol.
2007-04-08 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* configure: regen'd
* define $(INCDIR) - needed for building in ncurses tree
* tack.h:
expand the ExitProgram() macro into a function which can call the ncurses-
and tack-specific leak-auditing functions.
check for _nc_free_tic() function, since that's what tack needs.
* edit.c: add tack_edit_leaks(), to help audit memory leaks
* tack.c:
add ExitProgram() function, to free all application memory on exit to simplify
* fun.c: add tack_fun_leaks(), to help audit memory leaks
* init.c: free the TERMTYPE used just for error-checking (memory leak)
* tack.h:
define ExitProgram() macro to hide details of memory audit on exit().
* tack.c, init.c, sysdep.c: use ExitProgram() macro
* add "--disable-leaks" and related testing options.
* aclocal.m4:
add macros used for "--disable-leaks" and related testing options
use CF_NCURSES_CONFIG to find ncurses5-config, etc., fixing rpath issues.
add check for ticlib, if needed. remove check for pdcurses (this will
never work with anything except for ncurses), and add checks for select()
and gettimeofday().
* aclocal.m4:
modify CF_XOPEN_SOURCE to add FreeBSD/GNU (kFreeBSD) pattern
* rename mkinstalldirs to
* HISTORY: 1.04
2007-04-07 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* ansi.c, output.c: fixes from Coverity report
2007-03-25 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
2007-01-28 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* HISTORY: tack's out of ncurses now.
* make install rule work
* tack.h: bump to 1.03
* first cut of installing manpage
* tweaks to work after chopping out of ncurses tree
2007-01-27 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* HISTORY: update to 1.03
2007-01-13 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* configure: RCS_BASE
*, aclocal.m4: FROM_KEYS
2006-12-23 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* modules: FROM_KEYS
2006-12-22 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* config.guess: RCS_BASE
2006-12-08 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* config.sub: RCS_BASE
2006-11-25 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* output.c: FROM_KEYS
* modes.c: from ncurses
* init.c, fun.c: FROM_KEYS
* crum.c: from ncurses
* color.c, charset.c, tack.h: FROM_KEYS
2006-06-24 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* control.c, edit.c: FROM_KEYS
2006-05-06 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* sync.c: FROM_KEYS
2006-04-22 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* tack.1: FROM_KEYS
2005-09-17 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* ansi.c, pad.c, sysdep.c: FROM_KEYS
* menu.c, scan.c, tack.c: from ncurses
* COPYING: fix address
2003-11-29 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* install-sh: resync with my-autoconf
2002-06-29 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* mkinstalldirs: RCS_BASE
2001-06-22 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* install-sh: RCS_BASE
1999-02-07 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* HISTORY: nit
* init.c: tweak to make this build after renaming as per Alexander
1998-09-26 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* edit.c: add param to _nc_tic_expand()
1998-03-28 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* updates to sync with ncurses 4.2
1998-02-11 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* ncurses_tst.hin: FROM_KEYS
1998-01-09 Daniel.Weaver
* tack.c,, tack.h, control.c, color.c, charset.c, ansi.c, sysdep.c, sync.c, scan.c, pad.c, output.c, modes.c, menu.c, init.c, fun.c, edit.c, crum.c, HISTORY, COPYING:
1998-01-03 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* tack.h: moved ncurses' externs to tic.h
* edit.c: split-out _nc_tic_expand(), as per DW's request.
* sysdep.c: nits (we don't _need_ time.h?)
* tack.h: SCO's compiler doesn't like array-of-const
1998-01-02 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* control.c: work with no 'gettimeofday()'
workaround for SCO 3.x compiler which gets confused by array of const.
* output.c, edit.c, fun.c: SCO's compiler doesn't like array-of-const
* ansi.c: SCO's compiler: parameter promotion warnings.
1997-12-28 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* tack.h: first cut of fixes for AIX/SCO/CLIX
* sysdep.c, control.c: first cut of fixes for AIX/CLIX/SCO
1997-12-27 Thomas Dickey <tom@crayon>
* ansi.c, charset.c, control.c, crum.c, edit.c, fun.c, init.c, menu.c, modes.c, output.c, scan.c, sync.c, sysdep.c, tack.c:
integration with ncurses: restructured includes, fix gcc warnings
* pad.c:
integration with ncurses: restructures includes, fix gcc warnings
* color.c: typo
* tack.h:
integration with ncurses: reordered headers, provide fallback definitions
for the stuff we get from ncurses_cfg.h, make some stuff const.
* use HAVE_SELECT from configure-script
* color.c:
integration with ncurses: move most headers into tack.h, fix gcc warnings
* we'll have a config.h (actually ncurses_cfg.h)
* modules: set base-subset
1997-12-24 Daniel.Weaver
* HISTORY: ncurses-4.1-971220
1997-12-22 Daniel.Weaver
* ansi.c, tack.1: ncurses-4.1-971220
1997-12-02 Daniel.Weaver
* tack.c, init.c: ncurses-4.1-971220
1997-11-30 Daniel.Weaver
* edit.c: ncurses-4.1-971220
1997-11-29 Daniel.Weaver
* charset.c, pad.c: ncurses-4.1-971220
1997-11-07 Daniel.Weaver
* sync.c, fun.c, crum.c, modes.c, control.c, sysdep.c, output.c, tack.h:
1997-11-04 Daniel.Weaver
*, menu.c: ncurses-4.1-971220
1997-11-03 Daniel.Weaver
* scan.c, color.c, modules: ncurses-4.1-971220
1997-10-29 Daniel.Weaver
* control.c, fun.c: ncurses-4.1-971101
1997-10-26 Daniel.Weaver
* makefile, edit.c, tack.h, sync.c: ncurses-4.1-971101
1997-10-25 Daniel.Weaver
* pad.c, tack.1: ncurses-4.1-971101
1997-10-19 Daniel.Weaver
* tack.c, sysdep.c, scan.c, output.c, modes.c, menu.c, init.c, crum.c, color.c, charset.c, ansi.c, HISTORY:
1997-10-11 dickey
1997-10-06 Daniel.Weaver
* makefile, tac.h, tack.c: ncurses-4.1-971011
1997-10-04 Daniel.Weaver
* control.c, fun.c, sync.c, init.c, pad.c, modes.c, sysdep.c:
1997-10-03 Daniel.Weaver
* charset.c, output.c, edit.c, crum.c: ncurses-4.1-971011
1997-10-02 Daniel.Weaver
* menu.c: ncurses-4.1-971011
1997-09-29 Daniel.Weaver
* color.c, ansi.c: ncurses-4.1-971011
1997-09-28 Daniel.Weaver
* tic.h: ncurses-4.1-971011
1997-09-22 Daniel.Weaver
* scan.c: ncurses-4.1-971011