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-- $Id: README,v 1.3 2007/01/27 23:14:19 tom Exp $
The 'tack' program is a diagnostic that is designed to create and
verify the correctness of terminfo's. This program can be used to
create new terminal descriptions that are not included in the standard
release. Although 'tack' has been distributed with ncurses, it is not an
integral part of ncurses. It may be removed from the release without
limiting the usefulness of ncurses on those terminals described in the
terminfo data base. The best way to remove 'tack' from the build is
to delete or rename the 'tack' directory before running the configure
Starting with ncurses 5.6 patch 20070113, this program can be built
outside the ncurses source-tree, provided that ncurses is configured
using the "--with-ticlib" option. That makes available the private
interfaces used by tack, and eliminates the need to distribute tack
as an optional part of ncurses.
Unlike the rest of ncurses, the 'tack' program is covered under the GNU
Public License.