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This project is the GUI portion of the Rainwave online radio system, as seen
at http://rainwave.cc.

== Deploying Rainwave ==

There are four deployment scripts for Rainwave:
	- make.php creates a production Rainwave copy, for the Rainwave server
	- testmake.php creates a production Rainwave copy, for the Rainwave
		server, but in a different directory.
	- betamake.php creates a beta copy of Rainwave, for the Rainwave server
	- devmake.php creates a beta copy of Rainwave for anyone else
Production versions compile and minimize Javascript.  Beta versions do not.
Production versions compile and minimize CSS.  Beta versions do not.
Both production and beta versions do, however, have CSS interpreters
that will build skins and automatically base64-encode any small images
into the CSS file when building.

99.9% chance is, you will only be using devmake.php.

=== Setting Up A Dev Copy ===

You will require an HTTP server with PHP setup.  This README assumes
you are capable of setting that up on your own.

You must be a registered Rainwave user.  Then go to
http://rainwave.cc/auth/ and create yourself an API key.  Keep the
page open, you'll need those values.

Create a file called devconf.php in the root directory.  Do not add this
file to git.  Here's the variables and their purposes for you:

	$devkey = "[APIKEY]";
	$devuid = "[DEVUID]"; // your user ID from http://rainwave.cc/auth/
	$devsid = 1;	// 1 = RW, 2 = OCR, 3 = Mixwave, 4 = Bitwave
	$devdest = "/tmp/rw/";	// destination, note trailing slash
	$devlyre = "http://localhost/rwapi";
	//$devlyrejs = "/path/to/lyre-ajax.js";

You will need $devlyre because of same-origin security issues on browsers.
You will not be able to use http://rainwave.cc.  You'll want to configure
a local Apache or nginx server to do a little proxying for you.
Here's a quick config you can stash in your Apache config to do that:

RewriteEngine On
ProxyRequests Off
    Order deny,allow
    Allow from all
ProxyPass /rwapi/ http://rainwave.cc/
ProxyPassReverse /rwapi/ http://rainwave.cc/

The example $devlyre variable would then be http://myserver/rwapi.  No
trailing slash.

$devlyrejs is optional, simply remove it or set to false.  If specified,
devmake.php will use a local copy of lyre-ajax.js to include in the build.
If unspecified or false, devmake.php will use a fresh copy of lyre-ajax.js
downloaded from http://rainwave.cc/api/.  It will cache it in /tmp/ and if
older than 24h will download a new one.

If you wish to have language debug info (missing strings, etc) you may put
$langstatus = true in your devconf.php.