A small Bludit Hack to go deeper: It allows more then 2 levels of Pages (on the official Backend Theme)!
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paw.MoreLevels - A Bludit Plugin to extend the Depth

The paw.MoreLevels Bludit Plugin modifies the core Pages class (using an own class, which inherits the core one) as well as the default booty administration theme (using JavaScript) to allow to add more then 2 levels of pages. It also overwrites the AJAX call to ajax/get-parents to achieve a seamless integrations, which also fixes a known issue!

Only tested with the current Bludit version (3.5.0)!


  1. Just upload the main directory paw-more-levels to your bl-plugins folder.
  2. Activate the paw.MoreLevels plugin on the administration backend
  3. Create your Content, with more Levels, using the known ways!

Copyright & License

Published under the MIT-License; Copyright © 2018 SamBrishes, pytesNET