Node.js script to watch the #io13 feed for new messages
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Node.js script to watch the #io13 feed for new messages

What it does

It monitors the #io13 hashtag on Google+ for new posts. I wrote it to be one of the first to get a ticket to Google I/O 2013. It uses the Pushover service or PushBullet service to send push messages to an iPhone or Android device or to any phone via SMS using Twilio.




Get the Pushover app, create an app and add a device. This should give you a token and a userkey.


Get the PushBullet service and add a device.


Create a Twilio account and get the account sid, the auth token and the incoming number.


Get a Google+ key at Don't forget to enable Google+ at Services tab

Edit app/config.js with your notification information and your Google+ key.


Just run

node app.js

From the app/ folder. U can use screen to run in a detachable shell.

Run it as a service

Use forever to run the application in the background.

[sudo] npm install forever -g
forever start app.js

Where to run it

Run it on a machine that's always on. I recommend Digital Ocean. They offer clould servers for only $5/month.


Thanks to Kristian Mide for fixing a logical error :-)

Thanks to Julio Carlos Menendez for adding Twilio support!