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Desktop Audio Streamer

This tool captures the audio from your desktop (or microphone) and streams it to a ChromeCast Audio device.

You can download an installer from the releases. After running setup.exe you can run the installed program from C:\Program Files (x86)\Desktop Audio Streamer\Desktop Audio Streamer\ChromeCast.Desktop.AudioStreamer.exe.

  • On the first run Windows will ask you to configure the firewall and this must be enabled for your home-network type (public or private) for audio to play.
  • If the application doesn't find your devices please read troubleshooting.
  • This tool can't be used to synchronize video on your desktop with audio on your devices. There's always a lag because of audio buffers on the devices and in the application.
Not all home setup are stable on the default device buffer settings. 
Please set it to a setting where your speakers produce the appropriate delay:

- When streaming in wav format: < 5 seconds
- When streaming in mp3 320 format: < 10 seconds
- When streaming in mp3 128 format: > 20 seconds

Post a message in discussions if you still have a problem.

Please read the wiki page for further information, and the developers page to get it to work in Visual Studio.


Learned from

It's inspired by acidhax/chromecast-audio-stream, and has basically the same functionality.