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Index - 2018

This is an index of past and current open source projects, ordered by last substantive commit. All items were updated to dead as of November 2017 - Focus is now on helping people start & grow hyper profitable IT/Software Consulting Firms.

alive: in development
finished: project goals met, implies usability & death
usable: project is useful/runnable
dead: no further development planned

name client field last code commit status time in development
View new training many Digital Marketing and Sales for Independent Consultants September 2017 alive months
Artificial Intelligence Mastery making YOU awesome at AI Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI August 2017 dead a month
Industry-specific Deep Learning Interviews and Walkthroughs Hacker News Interview with on ASR & NLU with Kaldi and TensorFlow July 2017 dead a day
Feedforward Neural Network in TensorFlow consulting proposal/amazon cambridge demo Deep Learning with Regression and One Hot Encoding July 2017 dead a week
Deep Learning on Android Demonstration Deep Learning for Information Retrieval with the Clarifai API June 2017 dead days
Deep Learning on iOS Demonstration Deep Convolutional Neural Networks June 2017 dead days
Real Estate Closing Price Gradient Boosting Machine Subsampling Heuristic for Highest Accuracy consulting proposal gradient boosting machine - XGBoost May 2017 dead days
Dove-ai-Website contact me for pro bono consulting web April 2017 dead days
Enterprise-Deep-Learning-Website contact me for deep learning for healthcare, finance, energy, or commerce consulting web April 2017 dead days
Facebook-Ruder-and-Google-Deepdream-Technique-for-Video-Style-Transfer consulting proposal deep convolutional neural network in Torch April 2017 dead days
Music-Generation-Google-Magenta-Best-Demo-NIPS-2016-LSTM-RNN automatic music synthesis Deep LSTM Recurrent Neural Network in TensorFlow March 2017 dead days
Natural-Language-Processing consulting cloud notebook February 2017 dead days
Deep-Learning-Consultant-Website consulting business development web February 2017 dead days
Unconditioned-Image-Generation-Google-DeepMind-paper-with-TensorFlow google sandbox cambridge Pixel-cnn - LSTM/CNN hybrid in TensorFlow Feb 2017 dead days
Value-Iteration-Networks consulting Deep CNN in TensorFlow Feb 2017 dead days
Grid-Single-Page consulting web January 2017 dead Jan 2017
Deep-Reinforcement-Learning contest Deep Q CNN Learning Jan 2017 dead days
Biaxial-Recurrent-Neural-Network music LSTM/CNN hybrid in Theano Jan 2017 dead days
Deep-Neural-Network-Training-AWS-GPU-Speedup deep learning cloud GPU Dec '16 dead weeks
Indexing-Input-Data-for-a-Convolutional-Neural-Network-in-R matrix operations cloud notebook December 2016 dead a week
Sentiment-Analysis-for-a-Naive-Bayes-Classifier-in-Python natural language processing cloud notebook December 2016 dead weeks
Understanding Mistaken Image Classification on NMIST’s Handwritten Digits with TensorFlow’s TF.Learn neural networks cloud notebook November 2016 dead days
Transparent ML with scikit-learn’s Decision Tree Classifier machine learning cloud notebook Nov '16 dead hours
Adding-an-Upgrade-Menu-Item-to-a-MacOS-App mac os development desktop November 2016 dead hours
Feature Selection and Exploratory Analysis with the SciPy Stack data science cloud notebook October 2016 dead hours
Farm-Members-Area-Backend-PayPal paas web October 2016 dead a week
Deep-Learning-for-Engineering-Team saas data science October 2016 dead weeks
Deep-Learning-for-Business-Team consulting support data science October 2016 dead days
Deep-Learning-Education non-profit web October 2016 dead days
Typeform-Stripe ecommerce web October 2016 dead days
Job-Site-For-9-5-Jobs human resources web October 2016 dead a week
Instagram-for-Cats community mobile October 2016 dead a month
Machine-Learning-Lander nsf data science September 2016 dead a week
Android-Update-Profile-Open-Camera-Gallery-Activity friends mobile August 2016 dead a week
Social-and-Accounts-Frameworks-Post-to-Twitter-or-Facebook contract mobile July 2016 dead days
Firebase-Login ios development mobile June 2016 dead days
MapKit-Framework-Current-Location nsf mobile May 2016 dead days
AWS-or-Facebook-Login-Take-Photo-and-Play-Song dartmouth forum mobile April 2016 dead weeks
Name-Static self web March 2016 dead a week
Short-Programs-and-Other-Languages self wiki February 2016 dead days
Development-Design-Lander digital marketing web January 2016 dead days
Data-Center-Distributed-Optimal-Control google reinforcement learning 2015 dead months
Forecasting-Cost-Classification national renewable energy laboratory optimization 2014 dead months
Multi-Level-Scheduling-State-Machine consumer privacy control 2013 dead months

Index - 2017

The Terrible Deep Learning List

15 working open source deep learning models that programmers interested in deep learning can download and run first try without learning any of the math. Seeing these examples come to life for the first time feels like magic. I want other programmers to experience this wonder. This is a terrible deep learning list. No attempt has been made to "cover all the bases" of the field of deep learning. But - If you have never "dived deep" into Deep Learning and just want to try something out, these examples are for you!

Remember, if you're getting into deep learning - change the world!

Part 1: Deep Learning on AWS & Using APIs

Part 2: Deep Learning On iOS

Please email me if the following doesn't work for you.

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