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Index - 2020

Sam Putnam

This is an index of past and current open source projects, ordered by last substantive commit.

alive: in development
finished: project goals met, implies usability & death
usable: project is useful/runnable
dead: no further development planned

name client field last code commit status time in development
basically broke, or not, idk, playing wiffle ball, enjoying thai food na na July 2020 alive a month
Lead generation campaigns I'm not going to link to my actual sites, because I don't want you to copy my sites because it could make me make less money. Plus I don't want people filling out the forms as it will hurt my lead quality for my lead buyers, but in general if you see someone running an affiliate ad somewhere (for example, it's a lead generation ad where someone fills out their information or calls a number to get a quote, or it's a Shopify store) on Facebook or Google (there is also Outbrain/Taboola and many smaller ad networks, but Facebook/Instagram and Google/YouTube are most often used, followed by Outbrain/Taboola and I guess Snapchat) and they've been doing it consistently for a month, they are probably making more than they are spending. I do financial lead gen, becuase it is recession proof and it doesn't come and go like other trending markets; for example, diets like Keto. I've tried auto finance, business finance, credit card, and credit repair. I've also added VoIP and credit monitoring questions to my forms, where I get paid on a CPA (cost per acquired customer) basis. I linked to a great video explaining what this industry is and why it is so profitable. June 2020 alive a month
Small business loan ad arbitrage I stopped TikTok, because I needed to make money. It was a great marketing experiment though, not black magic at all, just pandering to a young audience. Although I lost some money on advertising my credit card site, I was able to make back $1800 last month by marketing small business loans using Facebook ads through an affiliate partnership. I linked to a video where an acquaintance in the industry is talking about affiliate marketing. May 2020 alive a month
TikTok This is so fun and helpful to people 0 to 100k in 34 days, and 100k more one week later April 2020 alive a month
Existential crisis brought on by coronavirus yeah I mean there were many factors and I was planning on making videos on TikTok anyway but not so early March 2020 alive days
Small Business Loan Marketing this is on the border of helpful and harmful but honestly someone has to give loans that's how our economy works February 2020 alive months
Researching Credit Cards Find the best credit card for your credit score researching credit cards January 2020 alive 9 months
Collaborate and Compete Brands Giving More Accurate Details On How People Are Using The Internet December 2019 alive a day
How To Build A Brand That Is Still Relevant Today Keeping Tomorrow In Mind Brands Helping Brands Understand Who Is Doing Things Well Online November 2019 finished a day
Wordpress Content Management System: Using JavaScript Templating Languages That Are Friendly with Googlebot in Google Search Console Brands Getting JavaScript Pages Indexed by Google October 2019 finished a day
Scalable Wordpress for Writers: Checking Articles Against Previous Articles and Making Accurate Bulk Edits Writers Bulk Editing Wordpress Content and Updating Content for Brand Control September 2019 finished a few days
Summer Throwback 2 - Sam Putnam in College friends - skiing Sam Putnam in College August 2019 finished a day
Summer Throwback 1 - Sam Putnam in High School friends - pick up soccer game Sam Putnam in High School July 2019 finished a few days
A Beautiful Home For The Heart and the Head local community - emotional piano music Music For Advertisements June 2019 alive a month
"You Call It Finance - I Call It Providing High Interest Loans To People In Debt For A Living," - My Friend Who Got Her Degree in Underwater Basket Weaving extended family Music May 2019 finished month
When You Spend $60K/Day On Snapchat, Pinterest, and Facebook, There Are 100K Unique Combinations Of Your Advertorial, And You Save $5K On Testing web developers Engineering April 2019 alive three days
Where Scale Meets Massive Need - Solving Real Problems For America's Heartland By Partnering With Coastal Ad Agencies performance marketers Doubling Down On AdSense Once Again and Scaling Taboola On Publishers From CNN to E-Sports Niche Sites March 2019 alive three days
How Millions Are Made On The Hottest Ad Platform On The Planet agencies and creative directors Using Shopify To Sell Recurring Subscriptions February 2019 dead three days
This Celebrity Leak Is Not Indexed By Google And All Expert Secret Names Are Redacted dartmouth entrepreneurship pitch Next DTC Consumer Startup Will Unlock A Massive Market February 2019 dead three days
The Death Of Computer Science: What The Top 1% Of Real Engineers Know That You Don't valuable domain name can help build a business and cut down on cost per click Career Security and Hope In Building Something People Love January 2019 alive a day
How To Make $100k/month Living Alone In The Woods (Without Moving To A Bold New City) app proposal - long term and partnering with other engineers hopefully Bringing Hope To A Brave New World January 2019 alive a day
Work At Home Biography Of A Performance Marketing Leader conferences - unfortunately a necessary evil, good for relationships Light Only Exists In Light of Dark December 2018 dead a day
Biography Of An Artificial Intelligence Leader ego or demonstrating capability? Leadership Not Management November 2018 dead a day
How We Got 12 $15 App Installs From Paid US Cold Traffic in 12 Hours For Our App That We Published On Google Play During HackDartmouth startup challenge partner and I Paid Traffic Campaign October 2018 dead a day
How I Give An Online Seminar Every Hour Of The Day On Every Single Day Of The Year future engineers who can't afford engineering school Online Seminar Now October 2018 dead weeks
6 or 8 Week Program Selling To Consumers (Even B2B Is Actually P2P) is sales just honestly and ethically saving people time so they don't have to do the research themselves? How To Increase Your Engineering Prices September 2018 alive months
There Are No Top Of Funnel Constraints companies being built in garages are the little guy, but with the internet = it doesn't matter and no one knows the difference Team of SDRs On Autopilot August 2018 alive days
View Details: How Facebook Uses Deep Neural Networks / Deep Learning To Pocket $39B[Live] future machine learning engineers and startups with enough of a community that they think it's helpful to monetize Lookalikes By Purported LTV And Customer Matching, Online Learning and Boosted Decision Trees for Newsfeed, Nets for Automatic Machine Transation July 2018 dead a week
Behavioral Design Prompts engineers learning sales and marketing who want to help people, not hurt them Persuasive Technology June 2018 dead days
The Team Of 50 Behind A Team Of 1 as long as you use email, email marketing is still worth it - revenue, beautiful trackable revenue Email Marketing Automation May 2018 alive weeks
Getting Global Visibility As A Public Figure networking with people is more about knowing how to network, not this perfectly interconnected network you ard actively building Using LinkedIn - Basic Contact Key Decision Makers April 2018 dead a week
How We Get Clients (Never Before Released To The Public) helping engineers become better at working with people How We Get Revenue March 2018 dead months
Segment Paid Traffic By Channel So That Conversion Rate Is Maximized there is probably a better way to do this, help me? When You Spend Your Own Money You Learn To Make It Go Far February 2018 alive days
Build An IT and Software Consultants Revenue Machine personalization is great and we can use it now Mass Personalization at Scale Janurary 2018 alive days
Renumerative Engineering Opportunities That Are A Good Plan B showing engineers looking for a job what has worked for me High Paying Opps for Engineers December 2017 dead weeks
Rethink Your Direct Marketing growing an email list was kind of a waste of time before I had a product to be honest get a lot of customers for your product, very fast November 2017 finished a month
Deep Learning on the Cloud this is good, but what's the end game, get acqui-hired? not a real business that helps people ec2 October 2017 finished a month
Beginner iPhone android has 4-5 times as many people now, but iPhone users are taste makers and high income how to build your own app without an engineer September 2017 finished a month
Artificial Intelligence Mastery making YOU awesome at AI (you have to admit this is a little interesting to you, albeit a lowest common denominator, hypey, fad brand) Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI August 2017 dead a month
Industry-specific Deep Learning Interviews and Walkthroughs Hacker News Interview with on ASR & NLU with Kaldi and TensorFlow July 2017 dead a day
Feedforward Neural Network in TensorFlow consulting proposal/amazon cambridge demo Deep Learning with Regression and One Hot Encoding July 2017 usable a week
Deep Learning on Android Demonstration Deep Learning for Information Retrieval with the Clarifai API June 2017 dead days
Deep Learning on iOS Demonstration Deep Convolutional Neural Networks June 2017 usable days
Real Estate Closing Price Gradient Boosting Machine Subsampling Heuristic for Highest Accuracy consulting proposal gradient boosting machine - XGBoost May 2017 finished days
Dove-ai-Website contact me for pro bono consulting web April 2017 finished days
Enterprise-Deep-Learning-Website contact me for deep learning for healthcare, finance, energy, or commerce consulting web April 2017 dead days
Facebook-Ruder-and-Google-Deepdream-Technique-for-Video-Style-Transfer consulting proposal deep convolutional neural network in Torch April 2017 finished days
Music-Generation-Google-Magenta-Best-Demo-NIPS-2016-LSTM-RNN automatic music synthesis Deep LSTM Recurrent Neural Network in TensorFlow March 2017 usable days
Natural-Language-Processing consulting cloud notebook February 2017 usable days
Deep-Learning-Consultant-Website consulting business development web February 2017 finished days
Unconditioned-Image-Generation-Google-DeepMind-paper-with-TensorFlow google sandbox cambridge Pixel-cnn - LSTM/CNN hybrid in TensorFlow Feb 2017 usable days
Value-Iteration-Networks consulting Deep CNN in TensorFlow Feb 2017 dead days
Grid-Single-Page consulting web January 2017 usable days
Deep-Reinforcement-Learning contest Deep Q CNN Learning Jan 2017 dead days
Biaxial-Recurrent-Neural-Network music LSTM/CNN hybrid in Theano Jan 2017 finished days
Deep-Neural-Network-Training-AWS-GPU-Speedup deep learning cloud GPU Dec '16 usable weeks
Indexing-Input-Data-for-a-Convolutional-Neural-Network-in-R matrix operations cloud notebook December 2016 usable a week
Sentiment-Analysis-for-a-Naive-Bayes-Classifier-in-Python natural language processing cloud notebook December 2016 dead weeks
Understanding Mistaken Image Classification on NMIST’s Handwritten Digits with TensorFlow’s TF.Learn neural networks cloud notebook November 2016 finished days
Transparent ML with scikit-learn’s Decision Tree Classifier machine learning cloud notebook Nov '16 finished hours
Adding-an-Upgrade-Menu-Item-to-a-MacOS-App mac os development desktop November 2016 finished hours
Feature Selection and Exploratory Analysis with the SciPy Stack data science cloud notebook October 2016 usable hours
Farm-Members-Area-Backend-PayPal paas web October 2016 finished a week
Deep-Learning-for-Engineering-Team saas data science October 2016 dead weeks
Deep-Learning-for-Business-Team consulting support data science October 2016 dead days
Deep-Learning-Education non-profit web October 2016 dead days
Typeform-Stripe ecommerce web October 2016 usable days
Job-Site-For-9-5-Jobs human resources web October 2016 dead a week
Instagram-for-Cats community mobile October 2016 finished a month
Machine-Learning-Lander nsf data science September 2016 finished a week
Android-Update-Profile-Open-Camera-Gallery-Activity friends mobile August 2016 dead a week
Social-and-Accounts-Frameworks-Post-to-Twitter-or-Facebook contract mobile July 2016 usable days
Firebase-Login ios development mobile June 2016 alive days
MapKit-Framework-Current-Location nsf mobile May 2016 usable days
AWS-or-Facebook-Login-Take-Photo-and-Play-Song dartmouth forum mobile April 2016 finished weeks
Name-Static self web March 2016 finished a week
Cancer research startup cancer research startup saw ad in paper i had qualifications from first internship camera engineering stuff figured i fit the bill might as well try it they are an actual startup with $1m funding plus my startup whatever it was at the time had no product and no funding November 2015 dead months
Propoganda machine jimmy iovine, alex da kid former pro soccer player, cut off all his friends moved to states and produced hits, no such thing as a genre, just hits, genre is built around the hit, has own label so can work with artists interchangeably, still dont understand why someone isnt the artist and does all this too, i guess the traveling part sucks up time and energy music October 2015 dead month
App self web September 2015 dead month
More singing doing this some more but started singing lower total disconnect because didnt actually want the singing just the freedom of self publishing ironic bc those guys all use labels also I spent my teens skiing not learning music but hey sam hunt did it in 4 years... but in country, big difference web Auguest 2015 dead month
Singing singing really loudly to ed sheeran, ryan tedder, adam levine at their vocal range, but also learning vocal exercises, never even sung before tf, in typical fashion starting with hardest stuff first also so bad sorry to my parents didnt even sound like singing more like screeching, idea was to have self brand and distribution platform controlled by just me music July 2015 dead month
iOS found great group like this one just a few people but really really accomplished like app in top 100 not this one but like this, much older than me, in 50s, so to them im just a kid made me realize i have so much time also that i don't like programming, they do, i just use it as a fallback and as a tool, ill never be nearly as good as them but have to focus on strength not what is safe ios June 2015 dead month
Dan Wilson songwriting mantra guy who wrote closing time and someone like you sung by adele self just learn the theory and how to generate hits from a predictable process like Nasri did for bieber just add artists as topline like they are a plulgin ;) May 2015 dead month
Organic viral growth word of mouth banned from meetup also linkedin grew email list to 10000 in one month personal challenge cut so many corners tho what a shame ;) April 2015 dead month
Email blasts yuck linkedin ewww grew linkedin to 20k connections/followers idk why addicitng also could change industry and so got contacted asking me to refer title insurance bc i was in real estate industry with 20k um sure but no March 2015 dead month
Topline melody more edm bought equipment that zedd and avicii use what a waste of money didnt even make a full song yet obsessed with the melody knew production side didnt matter nearly as much so punted on it but wanted to be able to do everything myself so bought it way way ahead of where i was bad decision February 2015 dead month
Hookwriting edm bought music equipment that cheiron uses midi keyboard no more apps for a while January 2015 dead month
Instagram Instagram infrastructure sharding, aws, load balancing requirements to host tens of millions of concurrent users absolutely tragically ahesad of where i am tf was i thinking but followed interest idk December 2014 dead month
Know it's a bad idea if your friends and family immediately support it app idea is titled demoracy allow citizens to vote on bills in real time all my friends and family loved it, dumbest f---king idea so hard to build and bring to reality not continuing it did these app wireframes and keynote diagrams, sketch (before figma), with great friend 2014 alive months
Snapchat verison 2.0 thing app idea is snapchat for only romantic and beautiful stuff yikes common sense idea that is actually smart but yikes to have this attached to my name so no but learned abt vs and pe this time come up with braoder appeal app coding is hard wtf how come my app doesnt look like instagrams which has thousand people working on it (been bought by facebook for long at this point i was so far behind) October 2014 dead month
App released on iOS made it an app this actually didnt go on app store until a year plus later coding is hard and cant outsource if you want to win thats dumb instagram didnt outsource look at what happened to chase jarvis' app September 2014 dead month
Facebook meltdown/amazing video project depending on whos telling hte story shared personal life secrets I had on Facebook with Facebook Friends turned out no one really cared and they thought it was cool what I was doing wings for youth September 2014 dead month
Fun be nice to women duh matthew hussey July 2014 dead month
Data-Center-Distributed-Optimal-Control google reinforcement learning 2014 alive months

Before Google project:

name client field last code commit status time in development
Forecasting-Cost-Classification national renewable energy laboratory optimization 2014 dead months
Multi-Level-Scheduling-State-Machine consumer privacy control 2013 finished months

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