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Index - 2023

Sam Putnam

This is an index of past and current open source projects, ordered by last substantive commit.

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Made 7k in 4 days. Confident and on cloud nine teaching yoga at Dartmouth. Hello Taylor Swift and Arianna Grande. Lost 13k in 5 days. Looking up the word confident and finding out the con in con man stands for confident. Yoga is now a ward from depression. Hello Phoebe Bridgers and Kacey Musgraves. Scoops investing November 2023 alive a month
as below average 'full-time trader' who take afternoon and after hours off (sorry jedi-but-tradeaholic jack, not trying to get wrecked on afternoon fakeouts or squeezed after close on top, cxai, mltx, vtgn that neither intuition nor data can predict). Let’s be clear, this 3/4 leaf chat room is 5 stars compared to any other paid small cap trading chatroom in the world. Now let’s get into the nitty gritty. I am halfway between insecure around and "over" inflexibly-long but lovable dom, talkaholic/sketch-track-record but social connector huddie and zero balls but manage-my-money kyle but specifically “over” all long-only (qullamaggie, Ariel, Valkyrie exceptions as they short too) and def short system traders (your system is “you” you nerd idiots) who grew exponentially during the 2020 (ya i heard of sys traders w “zero system risk” who blew up 500k+ account on halts in 2022), downright skept of garden variety '20- jan/feb '21 bubble millionaire teaching strategies on today market having 1/100th liquidity especially to small account hovering on poverty. yes hanlin got big in 22 shorting china pumps but he start w 50k+ or smthing (?) and took big risk, def not sykes 'pattern'. big risk definitely only way to catch up to clovers until 2040 when shortbear predict next bubble. small account need compounding and newb cant wait around for plays that are A+ for 500k+ accounts (yes i know 500k accounts have many 30-50k accts but newb have half their win rate or terrible risk/reward so compound negligable). better to short a lot and scalp, including, yes, including premarket day 1 gappers (w stops!) (yes, you ahve to learn to read at 5th grade level and not short primary endpoint met) cant be waiting around for short "pattern" trades that come a few times a month (btw obviously long pattern trades havent been working for multiple years, i dont know why anyone at all has kept longing since 2021 and not gone to shorting, that is insane asylum behavior, short now and long when market gets hot again you braindead idealists - to give credit where credit is due jack is vocal about this intermittently, Kyle rarely longs, and huddie and dom would probably admit it if you asked), you cant limit yourself to these "pattern" trades when ou are stuck with a share size limit or margin requirements that stop you from making even a thousand bucks on this "monster setup" while these guys post their gains that are more than you made all year and tell you to just "learn the setups" and "be patient", bro i cant be patient because there is not another bubble coming... i need repeatable and frequent, recurring setups... skeptical of all day fade "calls" when clearly see after 10:45 everything squeeze back to open price (beside low float icct or vfs "first red day" of course cant even call it first red day until its already happened). need learn people doing well in current market (yes, dreaded "scalpers" who "suck at trading" but can actually pay their rent in this market not traders with huge accounts huge one day gains and relatively modest returns on year (btw biggest trader by volume on guardian was brian lee who self identify as scalper although concede even he was breakeven in 22). need to hear from small acct growth ppl playing illiquid plays that yes wont help millionaires but actually will help students become 100kionaires. also skeptical of the chatrooms's students w posts of big gains that have no kinfo or broker record or stamp of approval from verified traders. not going to jack off to your 20k win when no nothing of account size or past performance. nothing worse than millionaire biz owners who made money elsewhere playing market like casino and lauded in chat for “woa, big number = big swinging dick”. Show all your trades or shut up. With all those cons out of the way, let me just say I would never take the time to review a product I didn’t think has the potential to be life changing and the clovers are trying really hard to be the best chatroom out there (the cobra of chatrooms). This chat is still easily 5 stars despite all these drawbacks that i think the clovers probably half believe/ are aware of already. no better value out there. happy paying customer ski patrol energy trading October 2023 alive a month
doctor said no you cant have sommeone sign a document saying they agree to have abortion even if you both agreed already but yes you can go to get an std test at an urgent care center as a first date clearchoicemd horseback riding lessons September 2023 alive a month
how to become a horse person (for beginners) i used to think horse people were weird. i always heard them say they got injured and then a month later were back riding. sure i have done that skiing. injuries happen. my friend says that there are horse people that go only to west palm. like the skiers who have only been to aspen. from palm beach back to a coastal home and then back to west palm again. where the trainers can look in the crowd and pick out the “dressage queen” very easily. she also said that Europeans are still the best at horse breeding. but here in the US we like instant gratification. giving a horse 7 years before “working” them is too slow for our fast food culture . i don’t know about all that. but it seems like becoming a horse person is really simple. slow down and start to enjoy the ride. put a visit to wellington on your bucket list. budget a portion of your income for vet bills. bills are like horse 101, right :) i’ve been seeing the reality of horse ownership firsthand at the farm. it’s pretty cool. becoming a horse person is a good goal to strive for 🐴 -sam competitive trail riding. bacardi. miracle gro. lego. I have attached a screenshot of the grant backend and the registration form. I also sent them an email just now to poke them. I think I owe the yoga studio $250. The certification costs $3000. The grant is paying all of that. Let me know how to pay. certified yoga teacher 200 hours. investing August 2023 alive a month
friend of the month - private equity guy coming in who buys ice cream all the time and saying he wants to buy stock and me telling him we do 100k in a month and no he cant but we are hiring This Biotech Genius just made BILLIONS 💰 Did you buy the stock before it go up? 📈 Here are 3 tricks to know a real unicorn BEFORE smart money buys it all up 🦄 1. - Look at the market cap - it's how much the company is worth If the market cap is more than 500 million. Buy it. It might be a real company!2. Look at the price ~ did the price go sideways this year. If it did that is exceptional because this was a horrible year for companies 📉 3. Look for a special document from the Securities and Exchange Commission i know it sounds like a lot but it's really not you can do it... the documents are legalesey but you can do search using the find tool for words like "warrants" to see when people are going to cash out! For this billionaire company - it's just a form with a number like when you file your taxes ... Form FOUR! Form FOUR means rich connected people like Nancy Pelosi may have bought the stock because good friends told them to :) In this case executives bought hundreds of thousands of shares one week before this billion dollar buyout. Imagine that! If you follow these simple steps you could become the next Hansjörg Wyss and found a center at Harvard with your billions 🎓 Like this post if you read this far, and feel OK having this ridiculous post liked on your Linkedin! ;) See you in Hanover📍 P.S. I am up 60% this year but I only made $4,000 off of $7,000. Your kid is probably doing better with his Robinhood app... But hey, has your stock portfolio gone up this year, probably not.. 😅 ~ Not financial advice, obviously ~ investing July 2023 alive a month
dartmouth riding center, ice cream shop, some hours here and there, yeah, my service is exceptional, 99 percent of the time i was making so much money at the jobs i had to slow down a little, im gonna be at the jobs in the summer so i didnt want to hit 25k before then investing June 2023 alive a month
im not trying to marry some random travel nurse i met off the internet im trying to actually meet someone i would have met organically if i had a normal job. good relationships take time and social referrals. i disappeared for 7 years and all my friends got married so now im restarting w a new group. 26-28 is optimal physical condition for guy after that age u need a lot more money to make up for it. lot of these gals are gonna be making 6 figs on their own w a job that will get us a mortgage. all i have to do is learn how to not lose money in the stock market and wait for my parents to die. i dont think u can just disappear and walk into a normal, well off town w a few hundred k and be interesting. everyone they went to school with has that from working a normal job. trying to stay social while im still compared to inexperienced 21 year old guys who only care about their video games and going to the gym. if it doesnt work yeah it makes sense to go batman and come back w several mill in 7 more years because there’s no value in the in between. well, im basically hanging around college students whose parents are paying for their expenses and people with good full time jobs, so they spend money on trips, good ski tickets, horses etc. as it stands i shouldn’t do that, until i hit 100k at least, so being at these kind of jobs is a way to have a social life with this crowd without spending money. otherwise i end up hanging with the losers, the restaurant people, the work study kids. sure im a loser right now but they are always gonna be losers not me. i need to hang around the non losers the incoming washington DC lobbying gals, full time private equity dads who hang around town, in places they go and they spend money but i dont have to because i work there. problem is they still think im a loser because of the places i work. i guess i am a loser- i like restaurants and work study. you get paid to be social and you dont have to preted parties are fun. investing May 2023 alive a month
i tried yoga nidra for the first time today and it was the most ridiculous feeling and actually made me believe in meditation. im an engineer im only supposed to believe in physics and none of the voodoo s#$% but it was an experience! Dartmouth Horse Dads: 10 Questions with the parents of the Dartmouth Equestrian Team. Hosted by Dartmouth farm hand and part-time lab manager at the Dartmouth Digital Applied Learning Lab Dillon Trient, Dartmouth Horse Dads is a podcast that covers what it takes to support a Big Green student-athlete equestrian as a dad and what support means before and after graduation. The podcast aims to be a lighthearted way to help equestrians transition from student-athletes to working professionals without losing connection to their sport. Dartmouth Horse Dads recognizes the people behind the scenes that help make the Dartmouth Equestrian Team successful and maybe someday will help Big Green equestrians to discover connections to their alumni network. This podcast is not affiliated with Dartmouth College or The Morton Farm. investing April 2023 alive a month
Sam: There was this New York Times article...The headline is 'Lab-Grown Meat Receives Clearance from FDA'David: Sounds disgusting. You know how they do it right it's like living meat, it's weird... "It was about a million dollars worth of share of purchases - form fours - from a few days before that, but at the time I shorted it I only knew of one for seventy five thousand dollars, because I didn't do my own research and shorted it. And it's a real, presumably real biotech company with 100 employees in Exeter, New Hampshire and it hasn't come down. I took a $450 loss." -Sam investing March 2023 alive a month
David: "the first 100K is the hardest to make after the first 100K it becomes easier. Making 10 million from 1 million is a lot easier than making your first 100K" Sam: "the real Dagger of it is that making 100K in a job is easy but then if you have 100k from the job you don't know how to actually trade or how to do some leveraged activity to get that up to 10 million and yeah when you don't have 100K like me you feel like an idiot around everyone who got the good jobs for the past five years, like I'm 30 you know and I have ten thousand dollars and it's all in an investment account but I actually know how to do a skill that is going to make me a million in the next five years it's just I'm way behind everyone" David: "my former colleagues in architecture they're living a nice life they have the the poodle and the 1.5 kids and the picket fence and that seemed like they're way ahead of me then fast forward two and a half years later you know I zoomed by them and it's like this is what the markets is" David: I was sleeping, and I got executed. And I made a couple grand. Sam: So I made $350, so now I'm up $600 on the week after this trade. David: And you're feeling like the man, you're walking around with an extra perk in your step. Haha. How'd that feel? Sam: Oh it's great. I'm sending emails to local VCs that I know how to make 10% in two days. I'm about to raise a $100m fund from it. These are all the thoughts that are coming in my head, right. David: HAHA I mean you're a human being. Whenever you have an exponential day after two years of work, you're going to have a feeling out of it. Good for you, you're finally starting to pay off. And this is just the beginning. investing February 2023 alive a month
Comments on that, Sam? Before we start...Me: Uh yeah trading's hard... when I'm trying to just be like a money-making mercenary and not be curious about learning uh I'd get a 1500 win and then I lose two thousand dollars And when I trade too academically like an Airhead... I'm not taking risk and I don't get anywhere... so got to find a balance 👇🐩🧘 David: You told me a few weeks ago you want a Maserati or something. Sam: No I wanted to buy a used horse. David: Oh yeah, you want to ride around on a horse in New Hampshire. investing January 2023 alive a month
Imagine: Thoma Bravo Buying Coupa Is Just The Beginning 1/ QE drove the country further into debt and built venture capital funded companies like Zoom and other high growth recurring revenue tech companies. Now that rates are up and tech is 75% off its highs, venture capital is out of season. Meanwhile, private equity has a great opportunity in front of it — buy companies at 15x EBITDA, cut headcount in half and get rid of expenses. Even if EBITDA goes down they are in the green. What do you need? Private credit. A SAAS company, preferably with annual contracts. Interested in talking in person? Say hi at the 2023 Tuck Private Equity and Venture Capital Conference. investing December 2022 alive a month
So with a wider risk you have a higher winning percentage, you make $7,000 on the week, and your R is only 0.4. And with a tighter risk you have a lower winning percentage, you make $4,000 on the week, and your R is 1.2. Why would you want the higher R if it makes you half as much money? Sam - so this was the one Dantes at 100 million dollar long account on Twitter oh yeah yeah I did I did see his uh tweet but that was after you guys were already in it from that afternoon so he lost money on this yeah we came in because it’s kind of like low grade stoc for him to enter like he talks about Lac like lithium America’s Corp like the big cap like next David: how did you find out about him Sam - uh combination of cool maggies mentioned him and Chris Canelo said he’s the thinks he’s the best traitor oh Chris Miller kind of like has sort of sort of like talkative and less of a technical guy David: oh yeah but hold up this part’s interesting I mean so Dante this guy Dante investing November 2022 alive a month
Having a 100 million dollar net worth is good and bad. David: "the first 100K is the hardest to make after the first 100K it becomes easier. Making 10 million from 1 million is a lot easier than making your first 100K" Sam: "the real Dagger of it is that making 100K in a job is easy but then if you have 100k from the job you don't know how to actually trade or how to do some leveraged activity to get that up to 10 million and yeah when you don't have 100K like me you feel like an idiot around everyone who got the good jobs for the past five years, like I'm 30 you know and I have ten thousand dollars and it's all in an investment account but I actually know how to do a skill that is going to make me a million in the next five years it's just I'm way behind everyone" David: "my former colleagues in architecture they're living a nice life they have the the poodle and the 1.5 kids and the picket fence and that seemed like they're way ahead of me then fast forward two and a half years later you know I zoomed by them and it's like this is what the markets is" trading October 2022 alive a month
so what do you do when its slow. you cant really start a side business because the market will warm again and the side business will not thrive without attention And even if you have an account up to 300k, I don't think dollar block is a strategy you need to implement. Dollar block is probably a good pattern for accounts over 1m who don't want to scalp, where you need the liquidity provided by a multiday runner to be lazy and limit your trades to a handful of wins that add up. Based on the criteria it would seem BBBY is backside, because it has traded more than 4B dollar block. Like I said I'm not shorting it in premarket. I don't believe first red day is a lay up, but if you have buying power and you can't apply it to an opportunity that will be more profit efficient and taking the fee rate you expect for today, tomorrow, and however long you want to hold it into consideration then yes, the criteria does say you can short and swing it from here. I think trading September 2022 alive a month
but when you go to harvard business school you've already got $1m in the bank by 35 regardless just from a normal job. i met the founder of the wyss institute at harvard. well actually i asked to play tennis on his tennis court while he was on there playing doubles and his son in law said yes for him. founded synthes medical device company. sold to J&J for 20 billion if not before. youve got to be great with people tho trading August 2022 alive a month
because i would have gotten wrecked on a few plays - NRSN (huge next day premarket spike), LBPS (premarket spike from no volume), MULN (i think we all traded this one), CLVR (we all traded this one, if you shorted on the monday you made it all back and then some), KPRX (10m float), SOPA (another 10m float), AVCT (multiday runner in december, 30m float), REGI (multi billion market cap oil ticker) X makes millions of dollars betting against sketchy companies. For every one Facebook, there are thousands of companies like Theranos. Theranos was the healthcare company valued at $10 billion dollars founded by 19-year old Elizabeth Holmes that got FDA approval before being revealed as a complete scam. Adam puts his money where his mouth is and gets a big payoff when he is right. He made $2 million in 2020 and 2021 each. He started betting in online poker, where he also made over a million dollars. He's meditated for twenty years; his father is a zen buddhist, and he once worked for the infamous Martin Shkreli, who he now calls "arrogant". trading July 2022 alive a month
so a couple things on this BSFC here x and I were talking about, 5m float, so sketch to start with, but still i short 5m floats sometimes...the thing with ib is you dont get margin called in premarket currently, so lucas took a nap from 5am to 7am and as you can see on this chart here that was the squeeze. now he was only short 500 shares so a 2k position so that's a (20x500) 10k unrealized loss on his 40k account. not a big deal. On a real position, say you have a 400k account and you take 5000 shares, that's 100k unrealized. also not a huge problem as long as you know it's coming down and you don't get bought in. now guardian and cobra have different premarket margin call protocol, have posted that here before (one of them is way more harsh, i forget which one, mike knows)so the question i have is it good to nap and swing a lot? or just to stay awake through trades and cover when they go against you. i have no idea. anyway just trying to find some certianty here so i can size up and stop being a piker while also knowing i dont have to go work at mcdonalds if i nap through a squeeze and get liquidated on my speed trader account trading premarket BUT big finding: swinging one day was just as profitable as swinging two days, plus there’s the extra risk you take on swinging two days. big brain finding: the stocks that are up a bunch at 4am that don’t drop a bunch the first morning do fade the next morning - so if you can hold through the day 1 chop until 10:30 on the next day it’s worth it but holding two days is a waste of time and buying power trading June 2022 alive a month
im talking small cap short reports not tesla - the audience is maybe too narrow for seeking alpha to put out regular articles on as their trying to sell subscriptions to a lot of people not enrich a few thousand active short traders you guys probably already know this but i had to look it up because i'm new at this,1 - refrain from exact statements about financials which can be disproved by the company. the company -could- even use alternative accounting practices that render these exact statements false, 2 - limit malice, gov't does look at timing of a short report, 3 - no ridiculous or irregular trading volume, i.e. spoofing (which i doubt muddy waters, citron, or any of these long term shorters would have any incentive to do and we certainly don't) and no manipulative wash trading to distort price action (almost like that unintentional dux technique i was talking about if it were to be purposely timed with a report release but it would have to be with 10m+ size to be investigated im certain sec would not waste their time except on flashy, rogues like the guy i mentioned before and the short seller guy i linked above who impersonated), your short reports get the most views on your channel, i just don't understand why there isn't marketing for short reports. like why doesn't anyone put effort into "reverse" pumping if actually works to get people to sell like people seem to think it does., no offense, the info is good but its dense so it doesnt get shared a lot, am i dumb? where are the short pumpers? they could actually help the average person who isn't educated media May 2022 alive a month
good point - your right that is not consolidation but bearish sidways price action - shorts covering - due to the volume fading left to right, if it were intraday it could be failed dip buy attempts but unlikely in premarket, that stash/acorns nugget is super cool, i have to imagine 20 years ago this shorting spikes pattern did not occur as frequently as print newsletters cant deliver quickly like twitter and email, not to mention retail volume was lower due to transaction costs and no cell phones like agora is a billion dollar newsletter company that moved to email newsletters in last 20 years, one of their brands is banyan hill, it lit up SNTG yesterday or some stock you guys were talking about, now if agora got desperate and intraday action died down for some reason, they'd hit european inboxes at 4 in the morning and tack on premarket to their arsenal, maybe when robinhood is available in europe they will actually do this, actually theres enough americans who work nights that they could hit america right now anyway, but i dont think newsletters or twitter pumpers are pumping this time of day, then again, i dont follow them, i could also be underestimating the degeneracy of europeans who see this spike on their top gainers at lunchtime, they dont have robinhood over there again but maybe tdameritrade or other app refreshes gainers quickly enough and they can deposit some of their 401k on the pop and satisfy their gambling itch for the day i dont get up early for my health. i traded those in january, 19/20 green days, making like 40 bucks a trade, what a waste of my time. chicken basket cash. holy shit guys I just stepped outside for the first time in days and gas is super expensive. i do think these low tier investment bank 'traders' are the new manipulators, just like the old market makers got money from insiders for pumping up the price so the insiders can sell same deal just more legally bulletproof bc obvs i dont know why but ib's and hedge funds have legal staff and it helps that it's going through electronic orders finance May 2022 alive a month
My big brain discovery last wk... you get a cleaner look at an alt from its BTC pair chart Bet... ALT/BTC Up BTC Up then long ALT/BTC w/ size... ALT/BTC Up ALT/USDT Up BTC Down long ALT/USDT... ALT/BTC Down BTC Down short ALT/BTC w/ size... ALT/BTC Down ALT/USDT Down BTC Up short ALT/USDT - What does this mean, “I have had to personally go out and make sure that our clearing firms were in line with pricing, so we could offer flat fee. And also that the market maker to execute these trades needed to be fully comfortable? - Thanks for laying this out in public. I’m also working on 4:1 r/r but man does it take patience after a string of losses espec on the short side ya need to leave room for those market maker spikes damn im going to have to stop going to frat parties at 29 - This was remarkably balanced and listenable to a broad audience AND also useful. I could see this on the radio on country christian radio, on Ryan Seacrest, and on NPR/BBC. Remarkable job guys. Notes from your friendly broke risk manager - I’m not this guy oh 100k flash on the ask that’s a big seller I’m soaking - Even still those brokerage statistics are sobering. When I first listened I thought Steven was referring to a real estate brokerage, which sounded about right to me. When I realized it was a trading brokerage, it really hit home. crypto April 2022 alive
i cannot believe i just watched this... even at 4x speed cool to hear how jack made 200k on shib and kyle at 300k, monaco 200k all in crypto tim talks like money mad libs online education is hilarious beats ivies which are basically hedge funds with tax advantages what a time we live in this is so telling that pdt apparently helped you find consistency. dux has no problem with pdt. i mean he started with 28k but was up to 65k then down 50kish or more on a single trade. real stories are inspiring steven shorting biotechs (which is responsible by the way) and investing his time in learning crispr. the trading world is too funny ;) March 2022 alive a month
such a smooth warrant chart. unusual interesting how you didn’t short the first big kill candle day on the bounce. it just goes to show that big accounts do well staying on the big picture it is the fact that this is an unprofessional show which is why i watch it... oh and the $50m+ ish in collective 10 year gains is a factor too i guess lol February 2022 alive a month
a victim to impulse great line entry idea vs strategy - risk reward wayyyy more important than strategy love it thank you for sharing roland you got me thinking about trading while I’m playing pickup soccer now too lol They’ll just move on with their lives and so will you until eventually you forget they exist so that’s the unfulfilling path of the victor bro is you a poet 🔥👍😊 Seeing you use the level 2 is the unique value proposition of this stream imho. madaz is great to watch but he voiceovers recordings from earlier in the day. also seems like he is in a battle with the algos whereas you are more reading the market as you see it. not a fair comparison bc this is otc. gritanni is next best thing but he has such wide risk sometimes it's as if the level2 is mere entertainment for him quote of the stream, "i don't like that citadel stuff" Lol could summon the ape army with a headline like that January 2022 alive a month
having anxiety is the new gluten free some people do go back and make their hobbies a reality. but they had that vision from the beginning. so its not weird to sell their business and go start that winery because they talked to their wife about doing it years ago. could they rekindle their dream of becoming a musician... probably. could they try to become that artist... probably. there are some fields where a 35-40 year old is well equipped to excel against the young crowd that are not business. will they be happier than if they continued winning in business? thats a question for another day. theres still a romance of going off and pursuing the dreams of the past if only to find they are work too its just a video but in any case 279 likes 0 dislikes reads like positive intent, no negative seo for matt's name, zero poor reviews for small cap rockets on stockstotrade's trustpilot with pointed details (the only one is: "With the Small Cap Rockets is also a bit of a scam (sic). Watch the real traders they said. Mono trader hardly ever trades, T. Bohen never trades. Papa John does trade but not good to follow. Yet again I'm pleased I only signed up for a trial. I have asked for a refund but I am not holding my breath."), as for distribution fees they are selling a service not an investment opportunity so i dont think that applies, not a jab at other comments here just writing this for matt and bryce. happy weekend guys December 2021 alive a month
I don’t know what the laffer curve is without looking it up. I accept my fate me watching this like thank god I don’t run a business and also oh it makes sense why the hormozis made 90 mil because all the hard things… hiring/running a daycare… getting sued and knowing seo results with their name will show up even when they are in the right…working 16 hours a day and having meetings back to back to back they did. so you have to be smart and incredibly talented and do all of this work to get the result and I don’t want it bad enough jack... no pdt? i know it's the most annoying question. but at cobra w/ 14k they let you short more than 3x per week? ive got multiple accts open right now for that reason November 2021 alive a month
Facebook You can give them equity in your private company and pay equity holders a quarterly distribution of company profit. To avoid them leaving after the first distributions you can vest the equity with a one year cliff so that they get nothing until one year has elapsed. You can set up the vesting schedule in your articles of incorporation so that equity gradually increases each quarter, and they are incentivized to not only take on more campaigns as they get better at their job but they are also incentivized to share winning tactics with other media buyers because they want to increase overall company profit. You can include a contractual option that if they leave after one year you have the right to buy their equity back from them for an agreed upon price. I am not a lawyer but you can make a contract for anything if someone else agrees to sign it. Organizational Behavior October 2021 alive a month
Twitter I think having hobbies is essential to success. When I've been stagnant in my career it's been a result of not having an outlet to exercise my ego. Outlets are becoming a TikTok influencer... soccer... going out...They all helped get excitement out of my system so I can focus Hundred points symbol Interactive Brokers September 2021 alive a month
I used to think I needed a bunch of backtesting with disgusting amounts of data. Google AI and all that yada yadaSmiling face with heart-shaped eyes Then I thought I'd do it in my head and look at a lot of charts and "see the patterns"Cowboy hat face Now I just take educated guesses and remember the feel of reward or painSmiling face with sunglasses $HEPA anticipating phase 2a data release this morning, first bounce happening now, today $1.94 entry at 4:09am, stop at 2.13, limit at 2.16, increasing resistance up to 2.20 $CYRN $0.76 entry at 4:24am, stop at 1.02 above the $1 psychological level, limit at 1.06 for slippage TD Ameritrade ThinkOrSwim August 2021 alive a month
$LIFE H.C. Wainwright analyst upgrade late afternoon shook out shorts and it broke out over 2/8 high of 8.30. Phase 1b/2a yesterday and only 15M float. $DATS recent ipo, no news. if it can parabolic to $7.9 and double top or really parabolic to $8.2 might short $KERN cannabis acq $SONM cover at target of 0.62 at almost noon. Risk held so didn't get stopped out at 0.74 although the stop was very close to getting hit off the open. Fine trade, didn't need to take it but... nice to know these ramping-after-hours plays still can be shorted with good risk mgmt DilutionTracker July 2021 alive a month
I have observed successful traders have narcissistic traits, low self esteem, are self improving to a fault, could be called high functioning aspergers to extroverted people, have ahistory of trauma doesn't hurt as well ha $BTB China company, 4M after hours volume, would short but went up on almost no after hours volume on 8.13 1.6 high. could pop to 1.6 again in 30 mins. or fade and offer 10 percent $MITO 5/6 and 6/2 had 2nd pop at 4:30, so wide stop small size, H.C. Wainwright, just took entry at 1.67 @qullamaggie June 2021 alive a month
Why I'm NOT Investing In Dogecoin I'm not going to invest in doge because unless i were trading it and i haven't checked because like i said i'm not in to the crypto scene but with bitcoin it trades 24 7 right so uh i imagine it's the same with doge i don't want to be trading a cryptocurrency that trades 24 7. first of all i wanted to stop being tradable at eight you know maybe open up in the morning like the normal market just to unplug you know maybe i am missing out on doge and bitcoin maybe i should be trading these um maybe but really honestly the right time to be have been trading bitcoin probably would have been like five years ago you know just about when the right time to start up a cryptocurrency exchange or be a market maker would have been probably five years ago at this point Discord May 2021 alive a month
A Fervent Defense of Front-running HFTs The IB will take the 10M, charge the client 5k brokerage .Then they will use the 10M to short Apple then buy it back at 495 and keep another 100k and tell client he has his Apple at 500. The next day or week they will give the client a negative report on Apple convince him to sell it. They Sell at 497 and tell client the market moved fast and they got him out at at 492 and keep another 100k :D. They will keep doing variations of this until the client has no money. Two Sigma April 2020 alive a month
Real-time batch prediction using Google AutoML and Feedforward Neural Networks for Penny Stock Trading Algorithm I tried creating a hundred thousand dollar trading bot in seven days. So hundred thousand dollar trading bot... is actually not that much. I was really trying to create one that would make me a million dollars, 10 million dollars, you know I would say 100 million dollars, but that wouldn't really be realistic that's more of like a uh type of algorithm that you would use if you worked for like Jane Street or one of these, um, you know proprietary trading firms. The most important use of AI in independent trading is not making a decision to trade or not trade a stock but to determine feature importance, because it will spit out a table of the importance of each feature in the overall decision of whether or not it was to tell you to trade it and whether or not it would be profitable or not, and it will rank those so you can just say wow okay so this energy sector is the most determining factor and whether or not a trade is going to be profitable even when I included the market capitalization, the float, and the exchange. Time to only watch energy stocks this week. Jane Street March 2021 alive a month
Its not about companies, and its not about profits and not about management. Its about buyers and sellers. RIGHT NOW, are there more buyers, or are there more sellers. That's it. Its much more a game of psychology and thinking about "What is the market (read buyers and sellers) showing me, what does it want me to do, what should I be doing?" We were swing trading, very short term. Either we were riding the momentum, or we were waiting for stocks to get overextended in one direction, then bet against the trend. Machine learning techniques can also recommend the best execution strategy. Based on prior trades and market data, machine learning algorithms can pick from, for instance, with-volume execution, order slicing, VWAP targeting or a mixture of these, even predicting the shape of the volume-over-time curve to minimize market impact. In addition, real-time AI-driven recommendation of individual order size, pace and price limit, and price trend data is also possible, with the trading algorithm becoming more aggressive in favorable market microconditions and less aggressive when the market is becoming unfavorable (or, indeed, vice versa, depending on the trader’s goals and views). Citadel February 2021 alive a month
How I learned To Day Trade In A Week You can scan around the whole market of stocks and just get those stocks that have a lot of sudden increase in volume or sudden increase or decrease in price and then just have a list of those a watch list of stocks that you can watch and those are the ones that are going up or going down or having more people getting into them really quickly so i just have my little watch list because i had this little scan set up and i was like oh i'm gonna have to pay for this scanning software right this could be a mistake say you have a thousand bucks and you want to day trade invest whatever you want to call it you want to get rich with the stock market and now you're buying the scans software for a hundred dollars fifty dollars a month and that's five hundred dollars a year you just lost half your investing budget no no no no no think or swim it's for td ameritrade it's called think or swim weird name think or swim isn't it supposed to be like sink or swim anyway so you can set up a little scan in there and look at only 3 stocks all day. just got to pick the right 3 stocks, via ai technology. no actually not ai lol just scan them like an if-then simple scan tree Tiingo January 2021 alive a month
I TRIED TRADING STOCKS FOR A WEEK WITH $1,000 If you have a hundred dollars go get a job, I mean seriously hundred dollars what are you gonna buy a hundred shares of a penny stock and trade every day for five years and go up a percent a day have an incredible one percent a day return and have that hundred dollars turn into ten thousand dollars in five years. Oh man now you have to go work for a prop firm or get money from friends and family and trade their money and now you have people telling you what to do. Just start with more than 100, right. Interactive Brokers December 2020 alive a month
Beginner Day Trading Mistakes I’ve Made! AVOID THESE!!! Here's a big one buying stocks that people tell you to buy on twitter on youtube and just expecting those stocks to be good stocks to buy because people told you that those are the stocks to buy i've tried that originally i was looking at people on twitter this was pretty sweet i followed all the good people on twitter i followed the um nate michaud uh zack morris uh pj matlock uh tim gratani um kyle williams matt monaco tim sykes uh jack daniel um mason fect and definitely bao nguyen um boy that's a good start uh cam the man is his last name uh jordan ariel um those people will tell you.... actually, none of them actually say this but one of them probably did i don't remember which one they'll give you little stocks that you can buy they're like check this one out on twitter this one's going up right now this one's going down right now mostly i looked at the going up because i didn't have shorting at the time yikes not easy to live your life this way like a robinhooder Overextended gap down November 2020 dead a month
DAY TRADING REAL TRUTH… Two percent in a day every day is insane that's extremely extremely good extremely good why do you even need two percent? Why not just get one percent a day people who get index funds get five percent a year maybe a little more maybe a little less stock market as a whole easy three percent guaranteed right over the long period of time, easy... more like eight to ten percent so why not just get one percent half a percent in a day. Can you beat the market by half a percent in day if you're glued to your screen for eight hours a day? Maybe, but why not just trade the morning 9 30 to 10 30. when all the stocks open up they do their thing with all the hedge funds and mutual fund guys getting their orders in so they can get their bonuses you don't care let them do their thing you do yours right after, remotely. Everyone's making money. Short squeeze October 2020 alive a month
How Much Money Do I Need To Begin Investing - Penny Stocks Margin means that it's not just a cash account, which is the money you put in, it's margin... an additional margin provided by the brokerage so that you can spend more money than you have in your account and use the margin as leverage this is important for short selling and this is why there's a two thousand dollar margin requirement for short selling in short selling if you short a stock and you short it because you think it's going to go down and it goes up it could go up more than the value of the stock. That's why you need to set a bracket order or at least a stop loss or at least have backup internet or live close to an internet hotspot, or have your broker's number on speed dial, you get the idea. It's rare. You'll be fine, probably. Panic dip buy September 2020 dead a month
How to Invest in Stocks for Beginners 2021 - Step by Step Guide I just opened up an e-trade account yesterday, because I was like it's time you know it's time. I wanted to short some stocks as well, and they've got some ways to do that... to short them like instead of buying them like it's going to go up you short them because you're like... you're saying it's going to go down so it's the same thing as buying like an inverse stock okay don't judge me like an inverse like an opposite stock it's like buying a stock that it's the same thing, okay, it's cool. So okay you want to open an e-trade account maybe you want to open a td ameritrade account um that's a great one td ameritrade you're going to have thinkorswim trading it's like the apple of stocks okay think or swim... apple of stocks... those are what i recommend as a place to start, schwab no penny stock commissions. Trading calendar with every trade taken on which day August 2020 dead a month
I Tried Creating A $100,000 Affiliate Marketing Business In 7 Days The ones that I think are good are like bankruptcy, divorce, like these super taboo businesses and people don't want to talk about them in person because otherwise if they did talk about in person they would just get a referral to someone who's local and you know the local lawyer uh would make the money and they wouldn't need you. Integromat July 2020 dead a month
Lead generation campaigns I'm not going to link to my actual sites, because I don't want you to copy my sites because it could make me make less money. Plus I don't want people filling out the forms as it will hurt my lead quality for my lead buyers, but in general if you see someone running an affiliate ad somewhere (for example, it's a lead generation ad where someone fills out their information or calls a number to get a quote, or it's a Shopify store) on Facebook or Google (there is also Outbrain/Taboola and many smaller ad networks, but Facebook/Instagram and Google/YouTube are most often used, followed by Outbrain/Taboola and I guess Snapchat) and they've been doing it consistently for a month, they are probably making more than they are spending. I do financial lead gen, becuase it is recession proof and it doesn't come and go like other trending markets; for example, diets like Keto. I've tried auto finance, business finance, credit card, and credit repair. I've also added VoIP and credit monitoring questions to my forms, where I get paid on a CPA (cost per acquired customer) basis. I linked to a great video explaining what this industry is and why it is so profitable. June 2020 alive a month
Small business loan ad arbitrage I stopped TikTok, because I needed to make money. It was a great marketing experiment though, not black magic at all, just pandering to a young audience. Although I lost some money on advertising my credit card site, I was able to make back $1800 last month by marketing small business loans using Facebook ads through an affiliate partnership. I linked to a video where an acquaintance in the industry is talking about affiliate marketing. May 2020 alive a month
TikTok This is so fun and helpful to people 0 to 100k in 34 days, and 100k more one week later April 2020 alive a month
Existential crisis brought on by coronavirus yeah I mean there were many factors and I was planning on making videos on TikTok anyway but not so early March 2020 alive days
Small Business Loan Marketing this is on the border of helpful and harmful but honestly someone has to give loans that's how our economy works February 2020 alive months
Researching Credit Cards Find the best credit card for your credit score researching credit cards January 2020 alive 9 months
Collaborate and Compete Brands Giving More Accurate Details On How People Are Using The Internet December 2019 alive a day
How To Build A Brand That Is Still Relevant Today Keeping Tomorrow In Mind Brands Helping Brands Understand Who Is Doing Things Well Online November 2019 finished a day
Wordpress Content Management System: Using JavaScript Templating Languages That Are Friendly with Googlebot in Google Search Console Brands Getting JavaScript Pages Indexed by Google October 2019 finished a day
Scalable Wordpress for Writers: Checking Articles Against Previous Articles and Making Accurate Bulk Edits Writers Bulk Editing Wordpress Content and Updating Content for Brand Control September 2019 finished a few days
Sam Putnam in College friends - skiing Sam Putnam in College August 2019 finished a day
Sam Putnam in High School friends - pick up soccer game Sam Putnam in High School July 2019 finished a few days
A Beautiful Home For The Heart and the Head local community - emotional piano music Music For Advertisements June 2019 alive a month
"You Call It Finance - I Call It Providing High Interest Loans To People In Debt For A Living," - My Friend Who Got Her Degree in Underwater Basket Weaving extended family Music May 2019 finished month
When You Spend $60K/Day On Snapchat, Pinterest, and Facebook, There Are 100K Unique Combinations Of Your Advertorial, And You Save $5K On Testing web developers Engineering April 2019 alive three days
Where Scale Meets Massive Need - Solving Real Problems For America's Heartland By Partnering With Coastal Ad Agencies performance marketers Doubling Down On AdSense Once Again and Scaling Taboola On Publishers From CNN to E-Sports Niche Sites March 2019 alive three days
How Millions Are Made On The Hottest Ad Platform On The Planet agencies and creative directors Using Shopify To Sell Recurring Subscriptions February 2019 dead three days
This Celebrity Leak Is Not Indexed By Google And All Expert Secret Names Are Redacted dartmouth entrepreneurship pitch Next DTC Consumer Startup Will Unlock A Massive Market February 2019 dead three days
The Death Of Computer Science: What The Top 1% Of Real Engineers Know That You Don't valuable domain name can help build a business and cut down on cost per click Career Security and Hope In Building Something People Love January 2019 alive a day
How To Make $100k/month Living Alone In The Woods (Without Moving To A Bold New City) app proposal - long term and partnering with other engineers hopefully Bringing Hope To A Brave New World January 2019 alive a day
Work At Home Biography Of A Performance Marketing Leader conferences - unfortunately a necessary evil, good for relationships Light Only Exists In Light of Dark December 2018 dead a day
Biography Of An Artificial Intelligence Leader ego or demonstrating capability? Leadership Not Management November 2018 dead a day
How We Got 12 $15 App Installs From Paid US Cold Traffic in 12 Hours For Our App That We Published On Google Play During HackDartmouth startup challenge partner and I Paid Traffic Campaign October 2018 dead a day
How I Give An Online Seminar Every Hour Of The Day On Every Single Day Of The Year future engineers who can't afford engineering school Online Seminar Now October 2018 dead weeks
6 or 8 Week Program Selling To Consumers (Even B2B Is Actually P2P) is sales just honestly and ethically saving people time so they don't have to do the research themselves? How To Increase Your Engineering Prices September 2018 alive months
There Are No Top Of Funnel Constraints companies being built in garages are the little guy, but with the internet = it doesn't matter and no one knows the difference Team of SDRs On Autopilot August 2018 alive days
View Details: How Facebook Uses Deep Neural Networks / Deep Learning To Pocket $39B[Live] future machine learning engineers and startups with enough of a community that they think it's helpful to monetize Lookalikes By Purported LTV And Customer Matching, Online Learning and Boosted Decision Trees for Newsfeed, Nets for Automatic Machine Transation July 2018 dead a week
Behavioral Design Prompts engineers learning sales and marketing who want to help people, not hurt them Persuasive Technology June 2018 dead days
The Team Of 50 Behind A Team Of 1 as long as you use email, email marketing is still worth it - revenue, beautiful trackable revenue Email Marketing Automation May 2018 alive weeks
Getting Global Visibility As A Public Figure networking with people is more about knowing how to network, not this perfectly interconnected network you ard actively building Using LinkedIn - Basic Contact Key Decision Makers April 2018 dead a week
How We Get Clients (Never Before Released To The Public) helping engineers become better at working with people How We Get Revenue March 2018 dead months
Segment Paid Traffic By Channel So That Conversion Rate Is Maximized there is probably a better way to do this, help me? When You Spend Your Own Money You Learn To Make It Go Far February 2018 alive days
Build An IT and Software Consultants Revenue Machine personalization is great and we can use it now Mass Personalization at Scale Janurary 2018 alive days
Renumerative Engineering Opportunities That Are A Good Plan B showing engineers looking for a job what has worked for me High Paying Opps for Engineers December 2017 dead weeks
Rethink Your Direct Marketing growing an email list was kind of a waste of time before I had a product to be honest get a lot of customers for your product, very fast November 2017 finished a month
Deep Learning on the Cloud this is good, but what's the end game, get acqui-hired? not a real business that helps people ec2 October 2017 finished a month
Beginner iPhone android has 4-5 times as many people now, but iPhone users are taste makers and high income how to build your own app without an engineer September 2017 finished a month
Artificial Intelligence Mastery making YOU awesome at AI (you have to admit this is a little interesting to you, albeit a lowest common denominator, hypey, fad brand) Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI August 2017 dead a month
Industry-specific Deep Learning Interviews and Walkthroughs Hacker News Interview with on ASR & NLU with Kaldi and TensorFlow July 2017 dead a day
Feedforward Neural Network in TensorFlow consulting proposal/amazon cambridge demo Deep Learning with Regression and One Hot Encoding July 2017 usable a week
Deep Learning on Android Demonstration Deep Learning for Information Retrieval with the Clarifai API June 2017 dead days
Deep Learning on iOS Demonstration Deep Convolutional Neural Networks June 2017 usable days
Real Estate Closing Price Gradient Boosting Machine Subsampling Heuristic for Highest Accuracy consulting proposal gradient boosting machine - XGBoost May 2017 finished days
Dove-ai-Website contact me for pro bono consulting web April 2017 finished days
Enterprise-Deep-Learning-Website contact me for deep learning for healthcare, finance, energy, or commerce consulting web April 2017 dead days
Facebook-Ruder-and-Google-Deepdream-Technique-for-Video-Style-Transfer consulting proposal deep convolutional neural network in Torch April 2017 finished days
Music-Generation-Google-Magenta-Best-Demo-NIPS-2016-LSTM-RNN automatic music synthesis Deep LSTM Recurrent Neural Network in TensorFlow March 2017 usable days
Natural-Language-Processing consulting cloud notebook February 2017 usable days
Deep-Learning-Consultant-Website consulting business development web February 2017 finished days
Unconditioned-Image-Generation-Google-DeepMind-paper-with-TensorFlow google sandbox cambridge Pixel-cnn - LSTM/CNN hybrid in TensorFlow Feb 2017 usable days
Value-Iteration-Networks consulting Deep CNN in TensorFlow Feb 2017 dead days
Grid-Single-Page consulting web January 2017 usable days
Deep-Reinforcement-Learning contest Deep Q CNN Learning Jan 2017 dead days
Biaxial-Recurrent-Neural-Network music LSTM/CNN hybrid in Theano Jan 2017 finished days
Deep-Neural-Network-Training-AWS-GPU-Speedup deep learning cloud GPU Dec '16 usable weeks
Indexing-Input-Data-for-a-Convolutional-Neural-Network-in-R matrix operations cloud notebook December 2016 usable a week
Sentiment-Analysis-for-a-Naive-Bayes-Classifier-in-Python natural language processing cloud notebook December 2016 dead weeks
Understanding Mistaken Image Classification on NMIST’s Handwritten Digits with TensorFlow’s TF.Learn neural networks cloud notebook November 2016 finished days
Transparent ML with scikit-learn’s Decision Tree Classifier machine learning cloud notebook Nov '16 finished hours
Adding-an-Upgrade-Menu-Item-to-a-MacOS-App mac os development desktop November 2016 finished hours
Feature Selection and Exploratory Analysis with the SciPy Stack data science cloud notebook October 2016 usable hours
Farm-Members-Area-Backend-PayPal paas web October 2016 finished a week
Deep-Learning-for-Engineering-Team saas data science October 2016 dead weeks
Deep-Learning-for-Business-Team consulting support data science October 2016 dead days
Deep-Learning-Education non-profit web October 2016 dead days
Typeform-Stripe ecommerce web October 2016 usable days
Job-Site-For-9-5-Jobs human resources web October 2016 dead a week
Instagram-for-Cats community mobile October 2016 finished a month
Machine-Learning-Lander nsf data science September 2016 finished a week
Android-Update-Profile-Open-Camera-Gallery-Activity friends mobile August 2016 dead a week
Social-and-Accounts-Frameworks-Post-to-Twitter-or-Facebook contract mobile July 2016 usable days
Firebase-Login ios development mobile June 2016 alive days
MapKit-Framework-Current-Location nsf mobile May 2016 usable days
AWS-or-Facebook-Login-Take-Photo-and-Play-Song dartmouth forum mobile April 2016 finished weeks
Name-Static self web March 2016 finished a week
Cancer research startup cancer research startup saw ad in paper i had qualifications from first internship camera engineering stuff figured i fit the bill might as well try it they are an actual startup with $1m funding plus my startup whatever it was at the time had no product and no funding November 2015 dead months
Propoganda machine jimmy iovine, alex da kid former pro soccer player, cut off all his friends moved to states and produced hits, no such thing as a genre, just hits, genre is built around the hit, has own label so can work with artists interchangeably, still dont understand why someone isnt the artist and does all this too, i guess the traveling part sucks up time and energy music October 2015 dead month
Machine Learning Twitter self web September 2015 dead month
More singing doing this some more but started singing lower total disconnect because didnt actually want the singing just the freedom of self publishing ironic bc those guys all use labels also I spent my teens skiing not learning music but hey sam hunt did it in 4 years... but in country, big difference web Auguest 2015 dead month
Singing singing really loudly to ed sheeran, ryan tedder, adam levine at their vocal range, but also learning vocal exercises, never even sung before tf, in typical fashion starting with hardest stuff first also so bad sorry to my parents didnt even sound like singing more like screeching, idea was to have self brand and distribution platform controlled by just me music July 2015 dead month
iOS found great group like this one just a few people but really really accomplished like app in top 100 not this one but like this, much older than me, in 50s, so to them im just a kid made me realize i have so much time also that i don't like programming, they do, i just use it as a fallback and as a tool, ill never be nearly as good as them but have to focus on strength not what is safe ios June 2015 dead month
Dan Wilson songwriting mantra guy who wrote closing time and someone like you sung by adele self just learn the theory and how to generate hits from a predictable process like Nasri did for bieber just add artists as topline like they are a plulgin ;) May 2015 dead month
Organic viral growth word of mouth banned from meetup also linkedin grew email list to 10000 in one month personal challenge cut so many corners tho what a shame ;) April 2015 dead month
Email blasts yuck linkedin ewww grew linkedin to 20k connections/followers idk why addicitng also could change industry and so got contacted asking me to refer title insurance bc i was in real estate industry with 20k um sure but no March 2015 dead month
Topline melody more edm bought equipment that zedd and avicii use what a waste of money didnt even make a full song yet obsessed with the melody knew production side didnt matter nearly as much so punted on it but wanted to be able to do everything myself so bought it way way ahead of where i was bad decision February 2015 dead month
Hookwriting edm bought music equipment that cheiron uses midi keyboard no more apps for a while January 2015 dead month
Instagram Instagram infrastructure sharding, aws, load balancing requirements to host tens of millions of concurrent users absolutely tragically ahesad of where i am tf was i thinking but followed interest idk December 2014 dead month
Know it's a bad idea if your friends and family immediately support it app idea is titled demoracy allow citizens to vote on bills in real time all my friends and family loved it, dumbest f---king idea so hard to build and bring to reality not continuing it did these app wireframes and keynote diagrams, sketch (before figma), with great friend 2014 alive months
Snapchat verison 2.0 thing app idea is snapchat for only romantic and beautiful stuff yikes common sense idea that is actually smart but yikes to have this attached to my name so no but learned abt vs and pe this time come up with braoder appeal app coding is hard wtf how come my app doesnt look like instagrams which has thousand people working on it (been bought by facebook for long at this point i was so far behind) October 2014 dead month
App released on iOS made it an app this actually didnt go on app store until a year plus later coding is hard and cant outsource if you want to win thats dumb instagram didnt outsource look at what happened to chase jarvis' app September 2014 dead month
Facebook meltdown/amazing video project depending on whos telling hte story shared personal life secrets I had on Facebook with Facebook Friends turned out no one really cared and they thought it was cool what I was doing wings for youth September 2014 dead month
Fun be nice to women duh matthew hussey July 2014 dead month
Data-Center-Distributed-Optimal-Control google reinforcement learning 2014 alive months

Before Google project:

name client field last code commit status time in development
Forecasting-Cost-Classification national renewable energy laboratory optimization 2014 dead months
Multi-Level-Scheduling-State-Machine consumer privacy control 2013 finished months

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