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28-June-2012 - Sam
* Started change log
* Corrected profiler so it properly captures POST requests (was supressing non 200s)
* Amended Rack.MiniProfiler.config[:user_provider] to use ip addres for identity
* Fixed bug where unviewed missing ids never got cleared
* Supress all '/assets/' in the rails tie (makes debugging easier)
* record_sql was mega buggy
9-July-2012 - Sam
* Cleaned up mechanism for profiling in production, all you need to do now
is call Rack::MiniProfiler.authorize_request to get profiling working in
* Added option to display full backtraces pp=full-backtrace
* Cleaned up railties, got rid of the post authorize callback
* Version 0.1.3
12-July-2012 - Sam
* Fixed incorrect profiling steps (was not indenting or measuring start time right
* Implemented native PG and MySql2 interceptors, this gives way more accurate times
* Refactored context so its a proper class and not a hash
* Added some more client probing built in to rails
* More tests
18-July-2012 - Sam
* Added First Paint time for chrome
* Bug fix to ensure non Rails installs have mini profiler
* Version 0.1.7
30-July-2012 - Sam
* Made compliant with ancient versions of Rack (including Rack used by Rails2)
* Fixed broken share link
* Fixed crashes on startup (in MemoryStore and FileStore)
* Version 0.1.8
* Unicode fix
* Version 0.1.9
7-August-2012 - Sam
* Added option to disable profiler for the current session (pp=disable / pp=enable)
* yajl compatability contributed by Sven Riedel
10-August-2012 - Sam
* Added basic prepared statement profiling for postgres
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