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Middleware that displays speed badge for every html page.

What does it do

MiniProfiler keeps you aware of your site's performance as you are developing it. It does this by....

env[''] is the profiler

Using mini-profiler in your app

Install/add to Gemfile

gem 'rack-mini-profiler'

Add it to your middleware stack:

Using Rails:

All you have to do is include the Gem and you're good to go.

Using Builder:

require 'rack-mini-profiler'
builder = do
  use Rack::MiniProfiler

  map('/')    { run get }

Using Sinatra:

require 'rack-mini-profiler'
class MyApp < Sinatra::Base
  use Rack::MiniProfiler

Running the Specs

$ rake build
$ rake spec

Additionally you can also run autotest if you like.

TODO: prior to release - pull requests welcome

  • Stack Traces for SQL called (added but mental, needs to be filtered to something usable)
  • Decide if we hook up SQL at the driver level (eg mysql gem) or library level (eg active record) - my personal perference is to do driver level hooks (Sam)
  • Add automatic instrumentation for Rails (Controller times, Action times, Partial times, Layout times)
  • Grab / display the parameters of SQL executed for parameterized SQL
  • Beef up the documentation
  • Auto-wire-up rails middleware
  • Review our API and ensure it is trivial
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