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A GitHub client written in flutter. The goal of this project is to build something non-trivial in Flutter to flex the framework's muscles.


In order to build this project, you'll need to add a keys.dart file to the lib/ directory of this project. This file contains the oauth client id and client secret necessary to communicate with the GitHub apis. Inside the file you'll need to define two constants:

const String CLIENT_ID = 'your oauth client id';
const String CLIENT_SECRET = 'your oauth client secret';

You can create an oauth api project here.



Activity feed


Profile Repositories Followers Following




  • Activity feed showing recent activity
  • Notifications ui which shows unread notifications
  • Profile ui that shows current logged in user
  • Implement pagination on list screens
  • Implement follower listing view
  • Implement following listing view
  • Move notifications in between search and profile
  • Implement repo listing view
  • Implement showing user activity on profile
  • Repository screen
  • Event items clickable
  • Notif items clickable
  • Add ui for filter parameters on notifs, repos, etc
  • Implement search view
  • File viewer
  • Support more event types


This project is moving pretty fast and I'm doing a lot of development on master. Ideas and feedback are always welcome, feel free to open an issue to discuss 😄