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Note: this list may be incomplete and/or stuff is being worked on.

  • Code cleanup.
  • Better documentation (powered by Doxygen).
  • Bugs and crashes fixes.
  • AngelScript support: scripts can be used within maps/client side.
  • Database support for AngelScript: allow to store data permanently for scripts (RPG game mode, scoreboard...)
  • Modern toolsets and languages standards usage.
  • Opposing Force entities (rope, M40A1 sniper rifle...)
  • Enhanced some limits.
  • Removed duplicate code (multiple DMG_ defines...)
  • Counter-Strike style weather.
  • Reworked crosshair code for customization and modern resolutions support.
  • Reworked weapons code.
  • Refactored client HUD color and allow level designers to change it.
  • Server configuration files.
  • Map configuration files.
  • New entity classification system.

New entities:

Angelscript specific:

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