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Listr update renderer
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listr-update-renderer Build Status

Listr update renderer


$ npm install --save listr-update-renderer


const UpdaterRenderer = require('listr-update-renderer');
const Listr = require('listr');

const list = new Listr([
        title: 'foo',
        task: () => Promise.resolve('bar')
], {
    renderer: UpdaterRenderer,
	collapse: false

Note: This is the default renderer for Listr and doesn't need to be specified.


These options should be provided in the Listr options object.


Type: boolean
Default: true

Set to false if you want to disable the rendering of the subtasks. Subtasks will be rendered if an error occurred in one of them.


Type: boolean
Default: true

Set to false if you don't want subtasks to be hidden after the main task succeed.


Type: boolean
Default: false

Clear the output when all the tasks are executed succesfully.



MIT © Sam Verschueren

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