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Added optional argument to \makededication

Set default dedication text to a message
reminding the user to set the dedication
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1 parent 4bc0676 commit 3241271b4459078e6b12f46c890c60049c6021cc @SamWhited committed Jul 21, 2012
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  1. +10 −7 poetrytex.dtx
17 poetrytex.dtx
@@ -249,21 +249,24 @@
% After your title page you might want to add a dedication page.
-% \begin{macro}{\makededication}
% \begin{macro}{\ptdedication}
+% \begin{macro}{\makededication}
+% \changes{1.1}{2012/07/21}{Added optional `environment' argument}
% As with the \code{\textbackslash pttitle} and author commands you can simply
% redefine \code{\textbackslash ptdedication} to change the dedication text.
% To create a dedication page, the \code{\textbackslash makededication} command
-% can be called.
+% can be called. By default, this command aligns everything to the right,
+% however, by adding an optional argument you can specify any environment to
+% wrap the dedication in.
% \begin{macrocode}
+\newcommand*{\ptdedication}{Renew \textsf{\textbackslash ptdedication}}
- \begin{flushright}
+ \begin{#1}
- \end{flushright}
+ \end{#1}
% \end{macrocode}
@@ -775,7 +778,7 @@
% \section{The \code{annotation} environment}
% \begin{environment}{annotation}
-% \changes{1.1}{2012/07/20}{Annotations now take in an optional `environment' argument}
+% \changes{1.1}{2012/07/20}{Added optional `environment' argument}
% Annotations allow you to insert prose that relates to a specific poem into
% your document. It uses \code{\textbackslash poetryheadings}, clears the page
% twice, and adds itself to the TOC (but not the TOP). The page is also cleared

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