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Send Open Sound Control messages to Photoshop
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watch a short video demonstrating this setup


  • Download openbuttkiss.
  • In terminal, cd to the plugin folder and run npm install.
  • Follow one of the methods below to set up the plugin with a Photoshop Generator.

Built-in Generator

Place the plugin inside the Photoshop Plug-ins folder:

Applications/Adobe Photoshop CC/Plug-ins/Generator

Open Photoshop. Go to Photoshop > Preferences > Plug-ins and check Enable Generator. You may need to restart Photoshop for this to take effect.

External Generator

Run the plugin from a locally cloned generator-core library. My workflow consists of having all my plugins inside the generator-core plugins folder.

In terminal, cd to generator-core and run:

node app.js -f test/plugins/openbuttkiss

This app.js contains all the magic needed to run our plugin. The plugin location is specified at the end of the command.


After completing the above steps, openbuttkiss should now be available for use.

In Photoshop, select the plugin from the drop down menu to enable it:

File > Generate > openbuttkiss

Send an OSC message with an argument of 1 to osc.udp://localhost:3333.

When a message is recieved by the plugin, two things will happen in Photoshop:

  • The foreground and background colors swap.
  • Photoshop is brought to the front of any other applications we have open.
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