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The Multi-View Environment is an effort to ease the work with multi-view datasets and to support the development of algorithms based on multiple views. It features Structure from Motion, Multi-View Stereo and Surface Reconstruction. MVE is developed at the TU Darmstadt. Visit the following website for more details.

This README covers compilation and basic information about the pipeline. For documentation, please refer to the Wiki pages on GitHub.

Building MVE and UMVE

To download and build MVE, type:

$ git clone
$ cd mve
$ make -j8

To compile and run UMVE, the Qt user interface, type:

$ cd apps/umve/
$ qmake && make -j8
$ ./umve

System requirements to compile and run MVE or UVME are:

Windows and OS X: Please refer to the Wiki pages for instructions.

The Reconstruction Pipeline

The MVE reconstruction pipeline is composed of the following components:

  • Creating a dataset, by converting input photos into the MVE File Format.
  • Structure from Motion, which reconstructs the camera parameters.
  • Multi-View Stereo, which reconstructs dense depth maps for each photo.
  • Surface Reconstruction, which reconstructs a surface mesh.

The reconstruction tools can be found under mve/apps/. Please refer to the MVE Users Guide for a more detailed description how to use these tools. Note that UMVE is merely an interface for scene inspection and does not support reconstuction.


See the LICENSE.txt file and the source file headers for more details.