Snake arcade game implemented in Angular 5
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ngx-Snake is simple Snake arcade game implemented in Angular 5 (latest 5.0.0)

Demo (Updated: 13/11/2017)


UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT - to control snake


Note: Require Node 4+ together with Npm 3+, also be sure to install Angular-CLI (latest 1.5.0)

$ npm install -g @angular/cli@latest

Clone this repo in your favourite shell:

$ git clone

Install the npm packages described in the package.json:

$ npm install

Transpile typescript into javascript, host the app and monitor the changes:

$ ng serve

Visit http://localhost:4200 and play!


  • Save Best Score
  • Multiple modes (in progress)
    • Classic
    • No Walls
    • Obstacles
    • Multiple Fruits
  • Update UI
    • Make it responsive
    • Introduce controls for mobile devices
  • Write tests
  • ...