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@SamirTalwar SamirTalwar released this
Choose a tag to compare

Smoke v2.1.0 is out! It's actually been in the works for months now—I kind of forgot about it.

Notable features:

  • you can now compare files to their expected contents with files:
    • works just like stdout and stderr
    • you can compare against inline text or another file
    • use filters too
    • revert directories afterwards to clean up with revert:
    • the files fixture has more examples
  • set the working directory with working-directory:
  • use a shell command rather than a list of arguments
    • much easier
    • uses sh on Linux/macOS, and cmd on Windows (by default)
    • you can override the shell with shell:
    • check out the shell fixture for more possibilities

UX improvements:

  • output comes per test now, not all at once (sorry about breaking that in v2.0)
  • nomenclature is consistent between the test files and the output

Bug fixes:

  • absolute paths are now properly supported