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Next generation tool for database web administration
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MyWebSQL is a next generation web based application for database administration over the web. It has a simple and intuitive interface, quick record addition/editing/saving features and plenty of tools to work with databases.

Database Support

As of the current version, MyWebSQL works with MySQL4 / MySQL5 ,SQLite and PostgreSQL databases.


  • Application and context menus
  • Multiple syntax highlighted sql editors
  • Quick Inplace multi-record editing
  • Zero configuration installation
  • Multi dialog interface to allow multitasking
  • Multiple server login supported
  • Excellent support for major browsers
  • WYSIWYG Table creator/editor
  • Batch Import/Export modules
  • Multilingual Interface
  • UI Themes supported
  • Other Datbaase tools (e.g. repair tables, alter indexes)

Contributing Code

If you would like to contribute features/bugfixes/enhancements to MyWebSQL, you can fork the repo, make your changes and send a pull request. Once accepted, your changes will be incorporated in the next release of the applicaton.

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