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zeroleak committed Jun 17, 2019
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@@ -20,3 +20,6 @@ Whirlpool is modular:


## III. Cycle dialog
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Note over Client,Server: << WEBSOCKET >>

Note left of Client: Connecting...
Client->>+Server: subscribe pool
Server -->>-Client: SubscribePoolResponse

Note left of Client: Waiting for a mix...
Note over Client,Server: ... A new mix starts!
Server-->>Client: ConfirmInputMixStatusNotification

Note left of Client: Trying to join a mix...
Client->>+Server: ConfirmInputRequest
Server -->>-Client: ConfirmInputResponse
Note left of Client: Joined a mix!

Note over Client,Server: ... Anonymity set reached!

Server -->>+Client: RegisterOutputMixStatusNotification
Note left of Client: Registering output...

Note over Client / alt. identity,Server: << REST >> from alternate identity
Client / alt. identity->>-Server: RegisterOutputRequest
Note left of Client: Registered output

Note over Client,Server: ... All outputs registered!

Server -->>+Client: SigningMixStatusNotification
Note left of Client: Signing...
Client->>-Server: SigningRequest
Note left of Client: Signed

Note over Client,Server: ... All signed!
Server -->>+Client: SuccessMixStatusNotification
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