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Samourai Wallet


Samourai Wallet features list


Import as Android Studio project. Should build "as is". PGP signed tagged releases correspond to builds that were issued via Google Play.


Samourai implementation based on original BIP, extends bitcoinj.


Samourai implementation based on original BIP by Justus Ranvier. Extends BIP44 implementation (above). Further modifications have been made to incorporate Segwit addresses into BIP47.

Generic source code for BIP47.

BIP47 test vectors

BIP49 (Segwit):

Samourai P2SH-P2WPKH implementation based on original BIP by Daniel Weigl and includes support for BIP49-specific XPUBs: YPUB.


Samourai implementation based on original BIP by Kristov Atlas.

BIP84 (Segwit):

Samourai implementation based on original BIP by Pavol Rusnak.

BIP125 (Replace-by-fee, RBF):

Samourai implementation based on original BIP by David A. Harding and Peter Todd.

BIP141 (Segwit):

Samourai spends to bech32 addresses P2WPKH based on original BIP by Eric Lombrozo, Johnson Lau and Pieter Wuille.

BIP173 (Segwit):

Samourai implementation based on original BIP by Pieter Wuille and Greg Maxwell.

BIP174 (Partially Signed Bitcoin Transaction Format, PSBT):

Samourai signing via PSBT implementation based on original BIP by Andrew Chow.


Samourai spends include the possibility of including custom fees as well as the use of batch spending (build up a list of batched outputs for grouped spend and fee savings).


Samourai implementation of multi-hop spend designed to outrun the baying pack of #KYCRunningDogs.

Ricochet using nLockTime (staggered) will spread out hops over different blocks and make sure that hops do not appear all at once in the mempool.


STONEWALL spend is designed to increase the number of combinations between inputs and outputs (transaction entropy). It replaces the previously used BIP126. The objective is to obtain a positive entropy score using Boltzmann evaluation of the transaction.


A Stowaway spend, also implemented as PayJoin, is a collaborative-spend carried out with another user. UTXOs are joined and the spend amount is cloaked. It is based on an idea by Gregory Maxwell.


Includes Tor bundled in-app.


MainNet/TestNet selection is displayed when sideloading a new installation. To switch networks, make a backup of your current wallet, uninstall/reinstall (sideload) and select desired network.


Plug in your OpenDime using the appropriate OTG (On-The-Go) USB cable and Samourai can be used to view address and balance, validate the private key, and sweep balance to your wallet.




All development goes in 'develop' branch - do not submit pull requests to 'master'.

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