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Command line Whirlpool client
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Command line client for Whirlpool by Samourai-Wallet.


You can setup whirlpool-client-cli in 2 ways:

  • commandline: run CLI with --init
  • remotely through API: run CLI with --listen, then open GUI

General usage

java -jar target/whirlpool-client-version-run.jar
[--listen[=8899]] [--authenticate]
[--debug] [--debug-client] [--scode=] [--tx0-max-outputs=] {args...}

Optional arguments:

  • listen: enable API for remote commands & GUI. Authentication on startup is optional, but you can authenticate on startup with --authenticate
  • mixs-target: number of mixs to achieve per UTXO

Tech arguments: you probably shouldn't use it

  • debug: display debug logs from cli
  • debug-client: display debug logs from whirlpool-client
  • scode: optional scode to use for tx0
  • tx0-max-outputs: tx0 outputs limit

List pools



java -jar target/whirlpool-client-version-run.jar --list-pools

Mix a wallet

You need a wallet holding funds to mix.

[--client-delay=5] [--tx0-delay=20]
[--auto-tx0=poolId] [--auto-mix] [--auto-aggregate-postmix]


java -jar target/whirlpool-client-version-run.jar
  • client-delay: delay (in seconds) between each connexion
  • tx0-delay: delay (in seconds) between each tx0 (from --auto-tx0)
  • auto-tx0: automatically run tx0 from deposit for specified pool when premix wallet is empty
  • auto-mix: automatically mix utxos detected in premix wallet
  • auto-aggregate-postmix: enable automatically post-mix wallet agregation to refill premix when empty

Expert usage

Dump pairing payload of current wallet



java -jar target/whirlpool-client-version-run.jar --dump-payload

Aggregate postmix / move funds

Move all postmix funds back to premix wallet and consolidate to a single UTXO. Only allowed on testnet for testing purpose.



java -jar target/whirlpool-client-version-run.jar --aggregate-postmix
  • aggregate-postmix: move funds back to premix-wallet. Or --aggregate-postmix=address to move funds to a specific address.

Advanced configuration


cli.torConfig.executable = /path/to/bin/tor
  • Use auto to use embedded tor, or detecting a local Tor install when your system is not supported.
  • Use local to detect a local tor install.
  • Use custom path to tor binary to use your own tor build.
cli.torConfig.onionServer = true
cli.torConfig.onionBackend = true

When tor enabled, connect to whirlpool server or wallet backend through:

  • true: Tor hidden services
  • false: clearnet over Tor


cli.pushtx = auto

Specify how to broadcast transactions (tx0, aggregate). * auto: by default, tx are broadcasted through Samourai service. * interactive: print raw tx and pause to let you broadcast it manually. * http://user:password@host:port: rpc connection to your own bitcoin node (connection is not encrypted, use on trusted network only).

API usage

whirlpool-client-cli can be managed with a REST API. See

ApiKey can be overriden with:


Build instructions

Build with maven:

cd whirlpool-client-cli
mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true


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