Search on your site or web via google, yii widget.
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With this widget you quickly add a searchfield to your site.

  • User searches on either your site or on the entire web.
  • Web,image,news,video search types
  • Uses Google as search engine
  • Hits are shown via ajax, "more" button to load more results
  • Fully Customizable css
  • Easy to install


Tested with Yii 1.10 in firefox, should work on all platforms though.


  1. Unpack the files to protected/extentions/search.

Your dir-structure should now be:

  • protected/extentions/search
  • protected/extentions/search/assets
  • protected/extentions/search/assets/img
  • protected/extentions/search/assets/css
  • protected/extentions/search/assets/js
  • protected/extentions/search/views

  1. EDIT protected/extentions/search/assets/js/google_search.js Change line 3:
siteURL     : 'YOUR_SITE_URL',  // Change this to your site url
  1. Optional: Style the widget in protected/extentions/search/assets/css/google_search.css You can change everything if you want to.

  2. Place this code in a view:

<?php $this->widget(''); ?>

DONT FORGET You have to clean your app/assets folder after making changes to the js or css files.