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Q: Who works on this?
A: Hi, I'm TerminusEst13, I'm a guy on the internet. Samsara was pretty much a one-man project, except for 0.26-0.29, when ijon tichy joined in as the main wizard coder.

Q: Ijon Tichy was mean to me! Kick him from the team!
A: He is no longer part of the team.

Q: I don't remember weapon X in game Y.
A: The Spear of Destiny is taken from the Wolfenstein RPG, though with its design based on the Spear of Destiny box-art. The Explosive Shotgun is (brutally nerfed) from Duke Nukem 64. The Lava Nails/Multi Rockets/Laser Cannon is taken from Quake's expansion. The Wave Motion Cannon's sprites from an early alpha of Marathon 2, and function from Oni's/Halo's shout-outs to Marathon. The Super Large Zorcher is probably the closest to "completely original" out of all the weapons, since it was supposed to (but never did) appear in Chex Quest 3.

Q: B.J. should have a Weapon III, some ideas are
A: Please don't.

Q: What's with the stupid roles? Just add characters, don't worry about how they play with each other!
A: Roles were implemented partially to help me get an idea of how a char should be balanced against the others, partially implemented so people could guess right off the bat how to play characters, and partially implemented to stave off the incessant flow of "omg add this char and this char and this char they'd be SO AWESOME!!".
It has been only marginally successful at the latter.

Q: But the characters are all generally pretty alike with each other...
A: Yeah, the roles are not the end-all-be-all definition of the character, and not every character has a 100% different playstyle from the other. Roles are more just a sort of a guideline.

Q: Does it really matter if one character has a similar role to another?
A: With the frequent overlap between Chexguy and Doomguy, both implemented before roles, I have learned the hard way that it really, really does.

Q: How long will you keep adding characters?
A: Probably not much longer! Each character drastically ramps up the filesize, and that it's already 33+ megs is making me grimace a little. Plus, the more characters are added, balance becomes exponentially harder to calculate.

Q: How can you even talk about competitive balance and accurately gauge each characters' playstyle? You're a horrible Doom player!
A: Thankfully, I don't need to be. Skill is thankfully not a prerequisite of critique, and even if it was we have a wonderful audience of competitive players who have been more than generous to let me sit in competitive matches and/or talk to me about the metagame.

Q: But you don't have X in yet! It's not complete without X!
A: There's a lot of characters I'd like to implement! Unfortunately, not all of them will be implemented. Sorry.

Q: Why do you hate X character/franchise?
A: I probably don't.

A: Probably not.

Q: After you stop working on Samsara, could someone else pick up the project and continue?
A: Please don't.

Q: Can we release character/game mode/iwad/mapset add-ons?
A: Please, go right ahead. I'd love to see what others can make.

Q: Can I join in? I've got all sorts of ideas as how to implement chars, make them better, and new cha
A: No, thank you, I have plenty of ideas already. And if I don't in a particular area, I already have some wonderful people that are very skilled at helping us brainstorm.

Q: I played your mod, will you play mine?
A: Please stop asking me this.

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