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SecureRepository is a simple application that allows you to securely store data, certificates and cryptographic keys using C# Tizen.Security.SecureRepository API.

Secure Repository function is provided by key-manager module in Tizen.

Secure Repository app is mainly designed for Tizen TV and Mobile profile however it also runs on Wearable devices but with limited UI. What`s more it is written in XAML. It has a custom layout and shows how events are processed in the application. It also uses DependencyService and Binding.

Please be aware that in production type application you should use longer cryptographic keys. In sample app the Keys length are intentionally lowered to increase application responsiveness.

Sample Usage

  1. Click Add button to add sample data to key-manager. ListView with items should pop up.
  2. Click on item. Label with item type and content prefix should appear.
  3. Click remove button to remove data from key-manager. ListView should be cleared.
  4. Click encrypt button to add AES-Key to key-manager and them use it to encrypt sample data. ListView with AES-Key should pop up. First label should show Encrypted text prefix and the second one text before encryption and after decryption.


Werable UI does not have buttons, therefore application automatically adds sample data to key-manager.

Verified Version

Supported Profile

  • Mobile
  • TV
  • Wearable


  • Ernest Borowski



Main screen Mobile Main screen Mobile vertical orientation


Main screen TV


Main screen Wearable

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