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TizenFX API, which allows you to access platform-specific features not covered by the generic .NET and Xamarin.Forms features, such as system information and status, battery status, sensor date, and account and connectivity services.


Branch API Level Target Framework API Reference Platform
master 10 tizen10.0 Link Tizen vNext api10_myget
API9 9 tizen90 Link Tizen vNext api9_myget api9_nuget
API8 8 tizen80 Link Tizen 6.0 api8_myget api8_nuget
API7 7 tizen70 Link Tizen 5.5 M3 api7_myget api7_nuget
API6 6 tizen60 Link Tizen 5.5 M2 api6_myget api6_nuget
API5 5 tizen50 Link Tizen 5.0 api5_myget api5_nuget
API4 4 tizen40 Link Tizen 4.0 api4_myget api4_nuget


The master branch is the main development branch for the Tizen .NET API Level 10.

The following NuGet packages will be published to Tizen MyGet Gallery every day if there are any changes. (Nightly Build)

  • Tizen.NET 10.0.0.#####
  • Tizen.NET.API10 10.0.0.#####
  • Tizen.NET.Internals 10.0.0.#####

And, This branch is pushed to the tizen branch in the tizen gerrit and submitted for the Tizen vNext platform.

API4,5,6,7,8,9 branches

The API# branches are the release branch for Tizen .NET API Level #.

These release branches were FROZEN. No new public APIs can be added to these branches, only bug fixes and internal APIs can be added.

Quick Start


Install .NET Core SDK :

Getting the sources

git clone
cd TizenFX

How to build

./ full
./ pack

Tizen Project

TizenFX is a part of the Tizen project. You can download the latest binaries with TizenFX from the link below :

Tizen Version Link
Tizen 4.0
Tizen 5.0
Tizen 5.5
Tizen 6.0
Tizen 6.5