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Porting Guide
User Guide
API Reference
Coding rules
Commit rules
Release Notes

Porting Guide

Please find it here.

User Guide


Getting Started
How to install Kconfig-frontend
Board-Specific tools like programming


Application overall
How to add new application
How to add TASH commands
Shell commands list

SmartThings (Cloud Connection)

How to develop things using ST Things


How to use IoTivity (OCF)


How to use Tinyalsa

Task Manager

How to use Task Manager


How to use ROMFS

Debug methods

Shell commands list
How to use RAMDUMP
Logging System


API Reference

Please find it here.

Configuration Description

Please find Configurations Description.

Coding rules

Basically we follow Tizen Coding rules except R04.
We recommend using braces even if it has single statement.
Here is a link.
M means Mandatory, R means Recommendation.

Script to apply our C and C++ coding rule

There are two to apply our coding rules at tools folder.
Please find them here.

Branch for handling typographical errors & coding rule violations

Please use typo_codingrule branch to fix typographical errors and to fix coding rule violations.
Commits of that branch will be squashed and be merged into master periodically.

Commit rules

  1. Don't use past tense on commit title.
    arch/s5j: added i2s peripheral to support audio (X)
    arch/s5j: add i2s peripheral to support audio (O)
  2. Please fill where (folder location) and what you modify on commit title.
    If your changes includes several different folders, please specify with commas. But if it includes different changes or it can be splitted by another topic, split them as different commits.
    arch/s5j: add i2s peripheral to support audio (O)
    add i2s peripheral to support audio in arch/s5j (O)
    arch, build: change blah blah (O)
    add i2s peripheral to support audio (X)
  3. Please keep short title length.
    It makes git log --oneline beautiful (easy to see).
    framework/st_things : Remove the logic that managed the device with… (X)
    framework/st_things : Remove the device management which uses hash (O)
  4. Please add an empty line at second line of commit message to distinguish title and description. This is good to oneline command as well.
    arch/s5j: add i2s peripheral to support audio
    Description starts here. 2nd line is empty.
  5. Please fill commit description what you do in detail.
  6. Don't mix different kinds of changes like formater and code logic change.
  7. To modify your commit which is in pull request, amend original one.
    Don't make a new commit to do it.
    arch/s5j: add i2s peripheral to support audio <- 1st commit
    arch/s5j: fix i2s <- 2nd commit (X)
  8. After making pull request, Don't update yours using git pull.
    Please use git rebase instead of pull.
    pull makes unnecessary commit like Merge branch 'master' into .
    That redundant commit is not helpful to developer and maintainer.

Release Notes


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