cordova-sectv-tizen` is an TV application library that allows for Cordova-based projects to be built for the 2015's Samsung Tizen TV Platform.
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cordova-sectv-tizen is an application library that allows for Cordova-based projects to be built for the 2015's Samsung Tizen TV Platform. Cordova based applications are, at the core, applications written with web technology: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Supported Platform

  • Tizen Samsung Smart TV (sectv-tizen)

Supported cordova plugins

There are 3 cordova plugins which are supported on TOAST

  • cordova-plugin-device
  • cordova-plugin-globalization
  • cordova-plugin-network-information

If you want more details, please refer Supported Cordova Plugin

Project Structure

     |-cordova-js-src/ .... cordova-js sectv-tizen platform implementation
     |  |-plugin/ ......... cordova plugin implementations
     |  |-exec.js ......... cordova/exec module
     |  `-platform.js ..... cordova/platform module having platform definition and bootstrap
     |-www/ ............... Project template for Tizen platform
     |-package.json ....... npm package configuration
     ' .......... this file

How to Build

This section describes the build process which creates cordova.js file for the sectv-tizen cordova platform. Please see Cordova-js for more detail of compile task.

  1. Clone the Cordova-js project as sibling of this project.

    $ git clone
    $ git clone

    Repositories will be created like below directory structure.

  2. Add "sectv-tizen" as a target of "compile" task on Gruntfile.js in the cordova-js project.

        pkg: grunt.file.readJSON('package.json'),
        "compile": {
            "sectv-tizen": {}
        "compile-browserify": {
  3. Add "sectv-tizen" property to "cordova-platforms" object in the cordova-js project's package.json with path to this project's repository as its value.

    "cordova-platforms": {
        "cordova-sectv-tizen": "../cordova-sectv-tizen"
  4. In the cordova-js directory's root, run below command to create cordova-js/pkg/cordova.sectv-tizen.js file.

    $ grunt compile:sectv-tizen
  5. We recommend to copy the created file to the www directory which is including Tizen Application project templates for further use. In the cordova-js directory:

    $ cp ./pkg/cordova.sectv-tizen.js ../cordova-sectv-tizen/www/cordova.js

How to use

For creating application package for 2015's Tizen TV:

  1. Create a Tizen project with Tizen IDE and copy the www directory's content to the Tizen project.
  2. Copy the built cordova-js/pkg/cordova.sectv-tizen.js to your tizen project directory's root with name cordova.js.
  3. Build the tizen project.

Known Issues

Not yet