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animations first cut at a checkbox Oct 21, 2009
bench Always use GrOvalRenderer instead of GrDefaultPathRenderer for oval a… Jun 11, 2014
debian debian: Override the autobuild, else we FTBS with ninja Sep 20, 2014
debugger Sanitizing source files in Housekeeper-Nightly May 20, 2014
dm DM: SKP source / PDF backend Jun 6, 2014
docs warn that docs/ is out of sync with official docs Apr 21, 2014
expectations Rollback of fe689c4 and all subsequent changes Jun 6, 2014
experimental Add metrics reporting to SkFiddle. Jun 6, 2014
forth Sanitizing source files in Skia_Periodic_House_Keeping Jan 26, 2013
gm Revert of Clean up Test's resourcePath code. (https://codereview.chro… Jun 8, 2014
gyp add query for glUnmap for >= GLES 3.0 Jul 2, 2014
include Add a new GrShapePathRenderer for cubic/quad/arbitrary path stroke Ga… Jul 2, 2014
packaging packaging: Also install the atomics header from src Jun 10, 2014
platform_tools Fix android_run_skia script running with command line options Jun 6, 2014
resources Adding resource files Jun 2, 2014
samplecode Alter SkCanvas::drawPicture (devirtualize, take const SkPicture, take… Jun 4, 2014
src add query for glUnmap for >= GLES 3.0 Jul 2, 2014
tests No longer limit SkPictureRecorder::partialReplay to Android Jun 8, 2014
third_party Add jsoncpp-chromium Jun 10, 2014
tools Add SkBarriers_tsan.h. Jun 6, 2014
trybots_to_run/chrome Deleting the hardcoded list of compile bots in trybots_to_run. Apr 9, 2013
.gitignore BugChomper: Get the oauth_client_secret from GS May 13, 2014
AUTHORS MIPS: modified gypi files to support build Jun 6, 2014
DEPS Pull in GYP_LINK_CONCURRENCY=N support. Jun 6, 2014
Doxyfile delete no-longer-used May 15, 2014
LICENSE Manually update copyright notices in files that defied the automated … Jul 28, 2011
Makefile simplify tools/xsan_build now that make runs ninja Apr 24, 2014
OWNERS add root files from chrome Aug 13, 2013 Check if the issue owner is in the AUTHORS file in Feb 3, 2014
README README: Fix broken url and indicate where build info can be found Jun 10, 2014
README.chromium add root files from chrome Aug 13, 2013
SKP_VERSION Update SKP version to 17 Jun 4, 2014
codereview.settings Use googlesource VIEW_VC in codereview.settings Jun 2, 2014
gyp_skia Effectively unlimited linking. Jun 6, 2014 Roll gyp deps from 1765 to 1796. Nov 21, 2013
make.bat Make make.bat and gyp_skia work with VS 2012. May 7, 2013 Don't try to remove xcodebuild directory on Windows. May 22, 2014
skia.gyp Remove the comments settings for vim tab width and expansion variables. Dec 2, 2013 Port to Tizen Jun 10, 2014
whitespace.txt whitespace to trigger builds Jun 8, 2014


Skia is a complete 2D graphic library for drawing Text, Geometries, and Images.

For more details about Skia see

Build instructions are available in the Quick Start Guides in the User
Documentation section of the above website.