this wercker step checks the syntax of your hugo theme
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Wercker build step for hugo themes

This build step for wercker validates a hugo theme.

The script is based on the hugo build step by Arjen Schwarz.

wercker status

How it works

  1. Downloads and installs hugo if it is not already installed
  2. Clones as an example website to test the theme
  3. The theme is put in the themes folder
  4. The hugo check command is used to validate the syntax
  5. The hugo command is used to make sure the site builds with your theme
  6. The script checks if you have the required files to publish your theme (, images/tn.png, images/screenshot.png)


The version number consists of three numbers. A bump in the in the major version (first number) indicates breaking changes. A bump in the second number indicates new features. The third number is increased for bugfixes.


  • theme: the name of your theme (default: mytheme)

Docker stack example

box: samueldebruyn/hugo-build
    - samueldebruyn/hugo-theme-check:
        theme: material-lite

Old Wercker stack example

box: wercker/default
    - samueldebruyn/hugo-theme-check:
        theme: material-lite