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This is an update to the social-commerce-project to appreciate compatibility to Python 2.7.2, DJango 1.4a1 and Pinax 0.9a2.


Sample project to help you get started using Pinax and Satchmo to create great social e-commerce websites.

The previous version supported up to Django 1.2.7 with Pinax 0.9a1 on Python 2.5 and 2.6.


Create the virutalenv

virtualenv socialcom-env
source env/bin/activate

Get the social-commerce-project

git clone git://

Install the requirements

cd social-commerce-project/socialcommerce
pip install -r requirements.txt

Create the database and optionally load the sample data

python syncdb
python satchmo_load_l10n
python satchmo_load_store

If you are using MySQL satchmo requires utf-8

   'init_command' : 'SET NAMES "utf8"',

Find out more options for the satchmo configuration

Start it up

python runserver

This project is uses the MIT License

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