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JSBuilder2 is a JavaScript and CSS project build tool.
For additional information, see

JSBuilder version 2.0.0

Available arguments:
    --projectFile -p   (REQUIRED) Location of a jsb2 project file
    --homeDir -d       (REQUIRED) Home directory to build the project to
    --verbose -v       (OPTIONAL) Output detailed information about what is being built
    --debugSuffix -s   (OPTIONAL) Suffix to append to JS debug targets, defaults to 'debug'
    --help -h          (OPTIONAL) Prints this help display.

Example Usage:

java -jar JSBuilder2.jar --projectFile C:\Apps\www\ext3svn\ext.jsb2 --homeDir C:\Apps\www\deploy\

Linux and OS X
java -jar JSBuilder2.jar --projectFile /home/aaron/www/trunk/ext.jsb2 --homeDir /home/aaron/www/deploy/

JSBuilder uses the following libraries
YUI Compressor licensed under BSD License

Mozilla's Rhino Project licensed under Mozilla's MPL

JArgs licensed under BSD License

JSON in Java licensed under the JSON License