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The main SamuraiWTF collaborative distro repo.
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Want to Contribute? See section at the end of this readme

The purpose behind this project is to migrate the SamuraiWTF (, which until now has been maintained as a monolithic virtual machine, to a "packageable" distribution system. The current direction of choice is Vagrant with a VirtualBox provider, which is the effort in this master branch. Alternative efforts can be found in other branches.

**To download an OVA to import a full virtual machine, visit

A video tutorial is available showing how to install from OVA.


Initial Install

  1. Make sure you have the prereqs listed above. Webpwnized has made some helpful YouTube video instructionals for getting Vagrant and VirtualBox with vbguest plugin installed in case you have not done so before.
  2. Clone this repository.
  3. From a command-line terminal in the project directory, run the command vagrant up. Then sit back and wait for it to finish. NOTE: The Guest VM's window will open with the CLI while provisioning is still ongoing. It's best to leave it alone until the vagrant up command fully completes.
  4. Immediately after the first time start up it is recommend you do a restart using vagrant reload.

Running Separate User / Target Systems

  • Just running the vagrant up will build the primary target, which is a single VM with both the user environment and the targets.
  • You can run vagrant up userenv and vagrant up target to build seperate virtual machines for those purposes.)

NOTE: The Guest VM's window will open with the CLI while provisioning is still ongoing. It's best to leave it alone until the vagrant up command fully completes.

Provisioning Scripts

The main Vagrant provisioning script for SamuraiWTF is install/ A standalone targets provisioning script is in install/ Changes for the system, targets, or tools installation or initialization for SamuraiWTF are all handled within these scripts.

Production VM Notes:

Once you load the VM, the username and password are:

  • Username: samurai
  • Password: samurai

The menus are available via a right click on the desktop.

Once you log in the target systems need to be provisioned. (Working on doing this during the build!)

First, load the Chrome bookmarks by starting Chrome. Then select the three dots menu and select Bookmarks. From the sub menu, select Import bookmarks and settings. In the window that opens, select Bookmarks HTML File. A file selector window will open. Select the chrome_bookmarks.html file in the samurai home directory.

Some of the target environments need to be initialized before use. Use their setup or Reset DB links to do this.

Virtualbox Display

  • To automatically adjust the display resolution, do the following:
    • Select Virtualbox Menu -> View
    • Click Auto-Resize Guest Display
    • Resize Virtualbox window and display should change to fit window size.


The scripts and resources belonging to this project itself are licensed under the GNU Public License version 3 (GPL3). All software loaded into the VM, including the tools, targets, utilities, and operating system itself retain their original license agreements.


Contributors are very welcome and the contribution process is standard:

  • fork this project
  • make your contribution
  • submit a pull request

Substantial or Regular contributors may also be brought in as full team members. This includes those who have made substantial contributions to previous versions of SamuraiWTF with the assumption they will continue to do so.

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